Ex Girlfriend (who ended it) said she's not doing well after the breakup (she ended it)?

After no contact for about 2-3 weeks (well all but a few txts like once), I gave her a call because I needed to return something to her.
after saying she'd come by to pick it up at some point soon she willingly extended the conversation to ask how I'm doing. I told her about everything in my life going great and everythings pretty exciting and that I'm going pretty well etc... and I obviously asked her the same thing and she says she wishes she could just tell me every things been great, but she actually hasn't been too happy lately and that she's so busy and swamped she can't say she's doing too well. she also said "ok I can come by and pick it up from you, and we could probably also grab a coffee while we're at it".

any advice on this? I know that to some capacity she misses me, but I wander if she's regretting the breakup or not?
Not counting on false hope, but I want to figure out what she's thinking/feeling.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, She Does Miss You, She May Even Want To Reconcile, Imma Step Out On A Limb & Say She Doesn't Even Want You Completely Out Her Life, She Is Tryna Find Anyway To Hang Out, Hence Her Suggesting Getting Coffee, If You Miss Her Then Follow Her Up On It & See Where It Goes, Hold Your Emotions Back In Case She Changed Her Mind Again & You Dont Get Hurt, Stay Strong & Stay Positive...


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  • i think for the time being you could stand to be there for her as a friend this once. but if she carries on about regretting breaking up with you, it's her own fault. i've been on the end where i've broken up with someone and they've done so much better and i so much worse, and i feel like asking how things were going for you was her excuse to get her to bring up how things were for her. i know that side and sometimes you just want to tell someone you're not doing great and why; and since you used to be the closest to her, as her boyfriend, she's used to talking to you. but she needs to live with her decision. and ex is an ex for a reason. i wouldn't go back to someone i broke up with whether i was doing horribly or not. she's got to stand on her own now, because she chose to be that way. but just listen to her this once. it could make her feel better to at least talk about it out loud to someone.

    • So she gone for good, but I need to stand around and sort out her problems for her?
      why do i need to be there "this once"?

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    • Thanks so much! you're very practical and level headed

    • thanks. i try. good luck to you.

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  • That's her own dam fault. Tell her to deal with it!

    • hahaha yeah ok, but what do you reckon to the whole situation?

    • I think you should just let her go and don't think about her having anymore feelings for you.

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