Mixed emotions and depression?

I feel so emotional and cry a lot when i think of my boyfriend and what he did to me. i forgave him and were back together. please help what's wrong with me?


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Thanks For Details (Sarcasm) But If You Allow Time To Past Then You Will Feel Better Over Time...


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  • You have not acknowledged you real feelings. You have pushed them down and tried to ignore them because you want to please your boyfriend.

    • You think so... if so how can i get out of it.

    • Acknowledge that he really hurt you, speak to him about it. If he blows you off that's wrong. You feel like you do because you haven't been true to yourself, you have put your boyfriend first at the expense of yourself

    • Thanks

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  • it's called depression for a reason


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