I seriously want someone's opinion, this has been hard on me, and I bet my last dollar we have all been through this ill appreciate any feed back!!?

i have been broken up with my bf for a month now, he try to reach out very little after the breakup and caught a tantrum when he saw a guy friend write on my fb, & even deleted me and sent me text telling me why he did it and how i seem to be over it bla bla, so i told him how i felt, i have not been over our breakup he still has our "couple" pics on his fb, but he already has been adding girls like crazy on his fb, so i took my fb down, because i need to be over this, i think about him everyday, i don't reach out to him though, the times i feel weak i do, which was twice i send a vaguely hello, and he replies like " hi there working hard here" end of convo, i don't reach out to him, when i looked like i was moving on he text me with his bs, the fact that i let him know i cared i guess he got his security blanket. i am really sad by this because i feel used by him he has moved on like he was never in a relationship, i am holding my guard and showing i am over it, but i am really not and the fact he still has our photos up bothers me, leaving me with little hope, he wants to be friends with me, but is hard to be friends with him, we broke up due to lack of communication fyi


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  • All really depends on who broke it off. If it was him then he's just messing with you and stay away from him. If it was you that broke it off then he probably still likes you but is hurt inside and probably angry with feelings not to mention sad and upset !

    • mutual, but i pulled the plug when we were on and off, and he seems to be doing alright, i think when u really like someone pride shouldn't be a factor, and knowing him he would of reached out already ;/

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    • i wish it was what you are stating however it is not which saddens me greatly :(, its been a few weeks already and i haven't heard of him and also those photos probably don't mean to him as much as it means to me

    • Sorry to hear that ! Hopefully things work out for you. Maybe one of those guys that he was got upset over you talking to , will be a better match and value things like photos and memories at the same level you do. Guess it's time to move on , everyone goes through it at some stage. You will be emotionally stronger from this experience. Best of luck to you !

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  • You need to cut off all communication and not respond to him or contact him. You should spend time hanging out with your friends to keep yourself occupied and show yourself that there are other people in your life worth your time at the moment that care for you and love you as well.

    • thank you, but is hard i am from qnz and just moved to LA about a year ago and he was practically my only friend :( i have been doing ok keeping away, but what i question is if are we ever getting back together his family calls me, and they don't even know we r broken up,

    • Whether or not you too get back together is up to how you feel and how he feels. As for his family, your relationship doesn't concern them and its none of their business.

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Cut All Contact Cause Right Now You Are High In Your Emotions & Need Time Out For Yourself So They Can Settle. He Is Using You & You Need To Pull Away...


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