I miss him and want him back but I am afraid of rejection?

I went out with a very sweet guy and I gave him his first kiss and I was his first girlfriend. He was really in to me and we got far in our relationship. I met his parents and became a part of his life. A few weeks ago he messaged me all of a sudden saying he was sorry but he didn't want a relationship. He assured me it was something he decided in a matter of days. He says he still likes me and cares for me and he assures me there was nothing wrong with our relationship. He said he just did not want a relationship, He said there was no specific reason why he just didn't want one. We were completly happy last week and weve been really good friends for a long time, and we shared a lot of special moments together. I gave it a week or so to talk again with him since our break up and i just apologized for getting mad at him when he was breaking up with me. He then thanked me for understanding and asked if we could still be friends. I said it was not easy for me but that I woud always be his friend. He then apoligized for everything. I requested to continue talking to him about everything that was going on but he never logged back on and he never responded. After a week. I miss him soooo much and i feel like weve been through so much to just end things like this. I want to see if he can give it another chance since we never ever had issues in our relationship, but i dont want to scare him away or ruin my chances with him. I saw him the other day and it looked like he was staring at me from a far, but i was not sure. School starts in a few days but im scared to approach him with his friends. I do not know what to do.


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  • he broke up with you and didn't give you any explanation? that's just not right:P and maybe you're better off not knowing why he did it, yeah it could be one of those scenarios. talk to him and try to get a proper explanation before even attempting to just blindly get back with him because his sole intentions of breaking it off in the first place could be enough to sway you in the opposite direction.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Well You Failed To Realize He Ignored You & That Means He Has No Urge To Reconcile & Make Things Right, He Made His Decision, You Got To Accept It, If You Want Things To Work Out Allow It To Happen On It's Own...

  • First off, you're under 18? Fuckin A dude, you are smoking hot!

    Now, the reason he said he doesn't want a relationship... and you are not gonna like this... is because, well, there is someone else. Some other chic has his interest and you are sidelined for now, hence the request for friendship, if this chic doesn't pan out, well he can go right back to you. So in a nutshell, you are being played as of right now.

    My suggestion? Walk away, this will do you no good, moping after him or chasing him. You're a beautiful girl, you will find plenty of guys.

    • I disagree. I don't think he necessarily met another girl. If he is also under 18 then it makes sense why he wouldn't want a relationship atm. I think he's too young and he wants to figure his life out, hang out with his buddies, enjoy his single life before he settles down. I think you should continue to move on. If it's meant to be, it will happen. He knows the person you are, but right now he doesn't know for sure if you are the one... no one his age would know who is right for them.

    • Umm Silver, I am gonna go out and a limb here and say you haven't had the best luck with dudes have you?, The worst thing you women do (and this is me being on your side) is make excuses for a guys actions. Do you know what is the #1 thing guys think about, irrelevant of age? SEX! Especially with attractive women! We work hard, buy cars, flashy clothes, beat are bodies in the gym... for who? The ladies and the more successful we get, the better the girl we want, you know why? because men are MEANT to procreate naturally, hence the sexual thoughts.

      In light of above, look at the pic of OP, she is a smoking hot girl, for the guy to "friendzone" her, means one and only one thing, he is got a better fish in the barrel per his standards.

      Dont argue, learn... so you understand men better... dont believe me? Ask any girl who got friendzoned, she will tell you a month later the dude had a new girl around his arms... coincidence? Think again.

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