Are there any rules for being friends with your ex gf?

So my gf broke up with me 2 weeks ago... It hurt a lot but im ok with it and am ready to be friends again like she is. Are there any rules or no?
You guys were right!!! Our friendship is definitely not gonna work!!!


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  • I feel like since you still have feelings for her, it would only hurt you to be friends with her.
    99% of the time these thing usually do not end well.


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  • It's usually best to just let her go and forget about her. She's not much use to you now, unless she has some hot friends who'd like to bang you.
    If you ever bump into her, say hello; but don't go out of your way to bump into her.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, No There Are No Rules, Maybe If You Lucky Enough You Can Possibly Start Having Sex With Her Again (If You Want That) ...

    • Well i never had sex with her in the first place!!! We are not human sluts!!!

  • Rule #1

    Don't be friends with your ex gf.


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