Why is no contact so hard to do?

I really want to rock the contact gig, but I find it so flipping hard to do. Has anyone had any experience with no contact? How did it turn out for you?


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  • It is hard, painfull, and at times heartbreaking, im currently doing this allthough its on a more perminant basis with some one who iv known for two years and been absolutely in love with for the a year and a half who was just playing me about.

    there is clearly a reason for the non contact and simply put that is your go to for when your resolve starts fading and you start to question what your doing.

    Accept that it will hurt at times, it will feel bad, wrong, unbearable thats just the nature of the beast im afraid. and then remind your self why your doing the no contact, how "incert circomstance that lead to no contact" was affecting you and possibly other around you, this will further bolster your resolve back up to when you origionally made the choise to go a head and iniciate "no contact".

    I hope this helps somewhat! huggz! i feel you pain.


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  • Yes... it sucked... when I contacted him I regretted it deeply because he was a jerk


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, People Think "No Contact" Is Suppose To Get The Other Person Back But Its Not, Its For You To Self-Heal & Get Your Emotions Under Control, If You Do That You Will Feel Better, Trust Me...


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