What's the main reason exes usually start putting in an effort to get back in touch?

My ex has recently started contacting me after 6 months of no contact, we were never even official but got very close and he got jealous of other guys so it ended. my question is why do they start reaching out again? do they want to start over? do they just want to have sex?
  • they want to get back together in some way
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  • they just want something familiar and physical
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  • they just want to be friends
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does it differ for guys/girls?
if we weren't official before could this mean he wants that now?


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  • Personally, I never bothered contacting an ex because I'm usually the one to end the relationship (various reasons). I do have ex's try to stay in contact with me, & it's usually because they need help with something or want sex. My most recent ex just admitied she made a mistake & wants me back, but I'm sure it has more to do with her finding out I'm dating again.
    IMO, don't backtrack. Relationships end for a reason. Leave them in the past. You tend to be better of that way.

    • well he's the one that basically ended it, but I feel like since he has called 3 times and texted once it's kind of a lot if he only wants a random hook up, there are a lot less complicated options out there than me...

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    • what's your guess?

    • He wants you in his life in some fashion (money would be in a romantic/sexual capacity), & he thinks he might be able to "compete" now (but he's still going to be jealous).
      He'll likely go for the "I'm sorry I was tripping, can we be friends again" & go from there. Or he might try to make you jealous, which he fucked that up when he blew your phone up.
      Either way, my opinion is leave it alone, but if not just be careful.

Most Helpful Girl

  • depends well, i mean i message my ex sometimes (last time i spoke to him was around a month ago) when we met up for lunch and had a little catch up. (we broke up 2 months ago ) i message him only to see how he's going etc etc... sine he dumped me i guess i have an excuse? i dun o, because if the ex that dumped you messaged you might sound a bit suss

    • sorry but I don't really understand your response...

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Because They Miss You & Possibly Regret The Decision (Especially If They Dumped You.) Also If The Other Person They Were Talking Too didn't Work Out That Is Another Reason Why They Come Back...

    • so it's probably because he wants me back? we were never official before, could this mean he wants that now?

What Girls Said 1

  • They know how special the person is that they lost. Plain and simple.
    8 or 9 months ago my boyfriends ex tried to steal him away from me. She cheated on him I guess and long story short, when she saw how happy he was and how happy I made him, she tried to message him and get him back.


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