I still love my ex but when things are getting deeper he keeps pushing me away. Should I send him a letter expressing my feelings?

He might be insecure
I'm considered to be "alpha female"
I am attractive in great shape, as well (I have the body frame he likes- small, tight waist with wide hips)
I get hit on a lot by a bunch of guys but I don't care about them
I make twice as much money as him (I like spending my money on him)
I'm older by 2 years (age is just a number)
He drives a hooptie (I don't mind riding in it)
He has a little extra weight (about 200 lbs, not cut) but I love the extra pudge on him
I really miss him and I've asked my male coworkers for advice and they all seem to point to him being insecure and/ or immature.
He always pushes me away when things seem to be getting more serious; it's like he's always worried that I'm going to find someone else to replace him with but that's not the case. I don't get swept off my feet easily.
I just kinda stopped talking to him because I was angry with him and hurt; I completely ruled out the idea of him being THAT insecure. It's obvious that he has some kind of insecurity- he has a new relationship with a girl who just broke up with her bf not too long ago so I have reason to believe that they're each others' rebound, and no I'm not hurt by this "relationship" neither am I jealous. In a way I think he wanted to "beat me to the punch" by finding a new relationship and as arrogant as this may sound but, she isn't very physically appealing (I know personality beats looks but they haven't known each other long)
I really miss him and I just want him back in my life even if we're just friends. The thought of him completely forgetting about me kills me.
So, men, would it be wise if I send him a letter since I haven't seen him in about 8 mos? We have text a few months ago and he did say he misses me (this was before he ended up with this new girl)
I love him and I can see us happening again; this new girl is totally irrelevant I don't know if it's just my ego
Does he just need time to mature and feel confident?


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, iKnow You Love Him & Want Him In Your Life But If He Is Insecure & Found A New Girl Then Why Bother, iFeel Like You Shouldn't Waste Your Time & Energy On Him But On Somebody That Has More Trust In You. It Will Take Time & Not Having Hope & Faith Of Getting Back Together To Get Over Him, You Can Do It, Stay Strong & Stay Positive...


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