Can a man and his ex get back together? How do you know if u have a chance?

What can a guy do to win trust back or rebuild trust? How can he show his woman he is different an changed? Or should he try an move on?


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  • HAVE FAITH AN BELIEVE AND dont get too pushy but do it in away you want her you like her an or love show her WORDS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS an than give her a couple days to think (w. e the situation an how bad it is)

    • Give me an wxample

    • let you come to you if she likes you she will do anything to see you hear your voice just like how you feel an want Girls like guys who have Game get the Game ( I can get any other girls I want you not the only one) an she will Diffently be scared to see she lost somthing when really you be balmin with Bitches an have gameXD

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  • Ex's can get back together, but it's pretty rare because it's so hard -- especially when a breach of trust is involved in the break-up. The best way to recover from it is to say you're sorry about whatever you did and that you know what you did was wrong -- which means no self-justifying at all -- and that it'll never happen again. Even though this is probably the best way it doesn't have that great of a chance of really working.

    I'm not sure what you did to breach her trust, but if it was a pretty big thing you're probably better off moving on and making sure something like that never happens again.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, There Is Nothing Wrong Tryna Build A Relationship Back Up & It Will Just Take Time, Dont Force It, Talk To Her But Dont Try & Hang Out Yet, Seriously, Take Things Slow & Stay Positive...


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