He fought against his parents but also just cheated on me?

I have been with this guy for 3 years, he is 21 years old. Being with him was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me.

Three weeks ago i found out he has been talking to a girl and they also went out, while he was telling me his back hurt too much to go out with me, when i found out he never accepted that he was actually with her but he said it was just friends but since i know he has a lot of family problems and that time we were going through a rough time. I told him whatever it is end it now. He said ok and he told me he would never do anything to hurt me.

Recently i found out that he hasn't stopped talking to her in fact he had her number under his friend's name. He has been cheating on me, he has been with another girl for about 2 months, they went out 2 times, he kissed her and said he loved her, i found out all about that after taking his phone. She didn't know about me. He never accepted that he cheated, but he did apologize before i took his phone from him, i kept his phone for awhile and thats how she texted him, i played along and thats how i found out all the things he has said to her. When i came back to talk to him and showed him that msg, he was just yelling at me like everything is my fault, telling me why am i after him, told me to let him go and that he doesn't need me.

I know he has a lot of family problems going on but that doesn't explain why is he behaving like this with me. I don't understand if he doesn't love me then why did he fight against his parents for me? But if he loves me then why would he cheat on me? I really love him and now I don't know what to do, the only way i can stop myself from tearing up from of others is by smoking. I really believed he loved me, maybe he did, maybe he just got tired of fighting for me idk.

All i have been asking him was why he did that. We had problems before but now everything seemed to go back to normal, until i found that out. Can someone please help me figure this out?


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  • Because he is a idiotic teenager, that's why. Women mature faster than men, its true, you are ahead of him, you are ready to settle down... he is NOT. He fought for you because he "thought" you are what he wanted but the truth is, he doesn't know what he wants. So he is doing what almost every other teenager does, playing the field.

    What you should do is breakup and let him go, let him make his mistakes and when the time is right, he will come back to you realizing he is an idiot.

    • He was pretty much everything to me, i loved him more than my own family. I dont talk to others much, he would be the one i always text the whole day and would reply me in the next second. I dont go out with any of my friends, i always went out with him. And now, i dont even know what to do. Even when i go to work, everyone asks me about him. I do not want to tear up at work like that. And we did break up, just yesterday. I sat under his building yesterday, couldn't stop crying everyone kept coming asking me if i was alright and if i needed anything, everything that he should have been doing, it was strangers that offered. I am afraid if that girl might forgive him for lying to her and that they might end up together, its not about him finding the right person its about how he found her, by cheating on me... that's just not right and i really don't want him thinking its okay to cheat because it is not. I am just so tired, i will try t move on but I don't know if i can do that...

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    • I just saw your pic... is that you and you ex? if so, then girl who have him beat by a MILE! You are 10X hotter than he is, looks like a fruitloop, go get a real man with balls of honesty and looks to match, this guy is a dweeb!

      Good luck kid and if you need help, reach out to me.

    • Yes it is and i get that a lot but it never really affected our relationship but whatever, shit happens.

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, It Doesn't Matter What A Man Is Going Thru, You Dont Treat Your Woman Like Crap Because Of It, He Is Sneaking Around With Another Girl, Set Your Emotions Aside, Start Thinking With Your Head & Not Your Heart...

  • My main question always to situations like this is : Were you putting out? Girls don't get it but guys need to have sex and maybe the other girl was giving it to him and you weren't. Sex is to guys like emotion is to girls, you guys live for and thrive on that shit, hugging, kissing, loving, etc... But all we want is just some sex.

    • Yes, we had and its great. But no they didn't exactly have sex, they kissed and they went out only 2 times but that is still cheating.

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    • The most recent comment is toward you, ignore the one 8 minutes ago.

    • i noticed

  • don't make excuses for him. just put a stop to that. I assume perhaps the stress with his family was over the age difference between you two? it's just no excuse

    he's a clear cheater. there are people who mess up and cheat and those people may be worthy of forgiveness but the fact that when confronted he actually turned it around on you speaks to his character. He doesn't accept responsibility for his actions. he blames others for his own faults

    Did he love you? maybe in whatever way he thinks love is but love is NOT lying, deceiving, cheating, or being unable to accept responsibility.

    Sorry this happened to you, I've been in your shoes and it sucks. Just remind yourself you deserve better and it's his loss not yours. Keep your head up. Surround yourself with love (friends, family, etc). You'll get over him in time.

    • Yeah he has lied to me a lot even over small stuff, we have broken up many times. But it was just hard for me to let go and i kept forgiving him, which many people told me not to but i went against them. I don't know how some people can just keep lying and think they will never get caught, the truth always comes out. Lying is just not in me which is why i dont get it. And yeah i just have to start getting busy, thanks.

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