What are the main sings an ex wants you back?

we were "unofficial" for almost a year, he had commitment problems left over from a previous relationship. what kind of contact means they actually miss you and want to get back together vs. they just want a booty call? it's been 8 months, and he first started contacting me after 6 even though I told him to forget my number (I was mad). I do want to fix things with him.
what does a drunk call mean? what does calling from a blocked/friends' number mean? texts?


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Somebody That Wants To Work Things Out Will Text/Call Or Say Lets Meet At A Public Place, More Than Likely If They Ask To Come Over Or Ask You To Come Over, Maybe Go Get Drinks, (Drunk Sex) Then Thats Possibly A "Booty Call." Calling From A Friend's Fone/Blocked Is Pointless Cause Its Not Like Your Ignoring Him, iFeel Like You Should & Continue Living Your Life, You Dont Need Him, Move On, Stay Strong & Stay Positive...

    • he hasn't asked to com over or for me to come over, he has only called and text me whats up. I am open to fixing things with him, I would really like to do that.

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  • You will never know if you don't see for yourself. You cannot tell off of what you said here in the description. He may genuinely miss you. If a guy said, "I miss dat pu**y" then I would run lol. He didn't though. :)

    • I know it's hard to tell... I wonder about the times he's called, they've been kind of strange, but just last week is when he called and texted at around 10:30 pm. I wish he'd just apologize.

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