It's been over a month. Why can't I just forget him already?

I talked to this guy ( he's 19 I'm 17- almost 18. He's exactly 1 1/2 years older) for months. We never officially dated. But he started asking me to spend the night at his place. I told him Im not that kind of girl and he said he could change that.

It finally boiled down to him saying he was more important than the kids I was baby sitting, and I should come see him. He disrespected my faith. Basically asked me for sex and tried to pressure me more when I said no. And told me to lie to my parents to cover up going to spend the night with him. I told him I couldn't talk to him anymore. I didn't tell him all the reasons, just that we were too different for how much I liked him and I knew I was going to get hurt.( I never did go spend the night with him or have sex with him, although I did consider it which was the breaking point in my mind. If he could make me consider it when he wasn't there, what would happen if he was there? And I'll be honest that scared me)

I have all these reasons to hate him. Especially him disrespecting my faith. But I still think about him every day. It's been over a month. I still think about what would happen if I said I was sorry and asked him if we could start over
Why can't I forget him?
Any tips to get over him?
I guess I wasn't too clear. I'm not going to go back to him. EVER. I can't trust him again after all this. I just wish I could, that's all


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  • dont give him a second chance:P not until he grows up at least. he's an immature dumb ass by default because he's still a teenager. if you value your faith then hold to it strong because i guarantee you once you break your faith for him you will feel so fucking shitty:P not being mean its just the truth. and he isn't worth it. 1 month isn't long enough to get over him because you keep leaving yourself wondering "what if?". you gotta stop wondering what would've been and accept the fact that you made the right choice of walking the other way which means that "what if" is irrelevant in your life. you didn't lose anything you gained a lot of things. you gained self-respect, hard to come by these days especially a girl your age, you also gained a sense of maturity and being true to yourself. not giving in to douche bag demands. i mean doesn't that just sound stupid? if you were to give in to a douche bag? im proud of you. dont feel bad and dont think you missed out on anything because if you haven't realized it yet you just dodged a HUGE fucking bullet. seriously, good for you:)

    • Thanks. I know I will never go back to him. It's just what I'm constantly thinking.

      Do you have any tips to get over him? Other than just more time? Cause everyone I talk to ( like my friends who know more of the situation) just keep saying give it time and you'll feel better eventually.

      And also I might see him in a few months because we met through a mutual friend who throws a party the same time every year and he might be there. And I know even if I don't see him, I'll see his dad and brothers (they knew we were almost in a relationship, I don't know if he told them we're done or not)

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    • The party is the only place I would ever see him. He lives in a town 40 min away from where I live

      What should I do if his family (especially his brother. Or I guess even more awkward his uncle) brings it up?

    • just say you two are friends only. make it clear that its totally platonic between you two. dont let them put words into your mouth or egg you into a situation you dont want to be in. stand your ground and keep your guard up:) you can do this. i believe in you.

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  • You deserve better. When you get with someone, make sure they respect you, completely. If you let them get away with being disrespectful towards you they'll continue to disrespect you. You're young, make sure you know what you want from a relationship. You're too smart to let anyone take advantage of you. He's not good enough to waste you thoughts and energy on him.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, If You Go Decide To Have Sex With Him You Will Regret It Your Whole Life & Probably Cry About It, Move On & Find A Guy That Respects Your Faith & Understand The Meaning Of "No."

    • I'm not going to go back to him. Ever. I just keep thinking what if... I know it will
      Never be enough though to let me go back to him.

      I'm just frustrated with myself because I have all these reasons to hate him and I don't. I still wish (it will remain only a wish) I could go back to him to see what would happen

  • If you want to get overbhim then dont sit around thinking about him, its all in the head, I've completely forgotten about a girl I was dating for like 3 months a week after we broke up, because I just repressed all the moments when I thought about her. Its harder to do then to say but just try going out with friends to take your mind off him, or meet someone else. Besides he sounds like some immature asshole who just wanted to fuck you and frankly you shouldn't want to be with a guy like that

  • find someone else? who treats you better.

  • Your a smart girl with morals, if you contact him again you and he will have sex, its best to find someone who is willing to go your pace, if you had giving in then he wouldn't be with you now except he would have taking the thing which you want to keep for now, his intentions were clear and his spots have not changed


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