Is there anyway I could get back with my ex?

We broke up a month ago and I miss him. I haven't spoken to him for about a week and now I miss him. I don't know if he misses me. I saw him in his work and my sister noticed he looked at me a few times and so did I. I want to message him but I don't want him to feel like I'm bugging him. What do I do? I've missed him these past few days and I have no clue what to do. I've tried to move on and it feels wrong. I can't see myself with anyone else. Please help me, thank you.
  • Try and move on
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  • Leave it for a few days then message him
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  • Message him now
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  • Leave it a month or so
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  • Don't contact him at all.
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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, iWish iKnew Why You Guys Broke Up But Talk To Him & See Where It Goes, If He Is Cold & Distant, Back Off, If He Is Friendly Then Continue Taking Things Slow...


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  • It all depends on the reasons why you got separated, whether it is one of you's fault or a decision you both agreed with. Did you have endless conflicts you could not solve, did one of you cheat on the other? It all depends. Maybe he misses you too. I have been divorced for a year and I've been with different guys, but they all just wanted sex, whereas my ex loves being with me, doing activities together and I know he still cares about me and worries about my financial situation.

    • He broke up with me because I cut myself, he saw the scars before we got together. I promised him I wouldn't do it if we broke up but he thought I promised I wouldn't do it during the relationship. I felt distant from him a few days before I cut and my thoughts in my head wouldn't go until I cut and then no thoughts came into my head. I know I will never cut again but he doesn't know if I will again.

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    • Maybe then he needs to see you happy, doing things, being with friends and having some fun activities. Show him that you are more healthy emotionally and tell him you miss him. If he does not respond (+) then give it some time or move on.

    • He saw me at his work smiling and laughing with my sister. I've snapchated him, doubt he'll reply though :/ thanks anyway

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  • Look if u dont wanna say why did u broke up its up 2 u but we can't help if we dont know the main thing which is the reason if u dont wanna say think with ur self 1st the problem 2nd is it that big ot tiny 3rd think do u really u want him back last try to solve it after answering ur question u will determine if he really misses u and if u did not tell me the reason on private messaging and i will help u


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