Guys: Your ex asks to know if you've been involved with someone else before she says something. What would your reaction to that be?

My boyfriend and I had been together for a little over a year before we broke up last Monday.
We are having a talk tomorrow but before I share some information I feel the need to say , "Before I choose to say some things, I need to know if you are involved with someone else? Did you get another girl's number or have sex with another female?" If the answer is yes, then I'll just keep the things to myself rather than embarrass myself while he's already stuffed his d*ck in some other female, is scheming to, or is building some form of something new with another. I realize this is kind of nosey but I am already so heartbroken and in such a fragile state emotionally over this situation that I cannot take getting vulnerable with him emotionally and later finding out that he f*cked someone or had some girl's number in his phone the entire time. -_-

Does this make sense or do you think it's inappropriate?
Guys, what would you think if your ex said this to you? Would you respond truthfully? Why or why not?
Somebody please help me out here : ( This is really heavy on my heart.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, iFeel Like You Shouldn't Ask That, Cause The Truth Will Only Hurt, On The Other Hand He May Lie To You & Just String You Along. iStrongly Suggest You Moving On, It Will Take Time But You Will Start To Feel Better, iPromise You, Stay Strong & Stay Positive...

  • "Does this make sense or do you think it's inappropriate?" -

    Absolutely, it makes sense.

    "Guys, what would you think if your ex said this to you?" -

    I'd think she's figuring out what she was worth, what she meant to me.

    "Would you respond truthfully?"`-

    Depends on the girl. If I didn't want to get back together and I am seeing someone else and she's clearly hurt then I'd lie to spare her feelings. If I did want to get back together and I was seeing someone else I'd tell her the truth because if it's meant to be I don't want our reunion to be based on that of a lie.

    But, if I didn't want to get back together and I'm seeing someone else, and she just won't let the issue go, if she's obsessed and doesn't believe the lie, then I'd tell her the truth so she doesn't think she's crazy.

    So even though my first instinct would be honesty, I'd have to curb it according to the circumstances involved.

    • Thanks for stopping in and answering! Is there anything I should say to encourage him to be honest? I want to know the truth. I don't want him hiding his true colors.

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    • what is it that you highly doubt about the last part?

    • Most guys (and girls) don't go from a serious relationship of a years standing to banging whatever crosses their path inside of a week/ two weeks. Unless this guy was a total playboy before he met you, chances of him having a little black book, or hooking up with some easy strange are low.

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