Is it wrong to say "but when can be friends" after rejecting or breaking up with someone and not really meaning it?

Yeah anytime someone ask me out and I'm not really in to them or breaking up I always seem to say we can be friends, but I don't really mean it. Honestly after that I really don't want to be around the person, I just say it to be nice. And it would be the same if someone rejected or dumped me. I say we can be friend, but I cut off all contact with that person. Is the bad?
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  • Yes!!! It is completely wrong!!! If you say that and don't mean that then your just going to hurt her feeling even more and that's completely hateful!!!


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, If You Dont Wanna Be Friends With Them Dont Tell Them You Wanna Be Friends, On The Flip Side You Dont Really Have To Tell Them You Dont Wanna Be Friends Either, Just Pull Away From Them, If They Try & Be Friendly Then iSuggest Telling Them, Communication Is Key...


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  • "We can still be friends" = "Let's not talk again"


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