What does falling out of love feel like?

i'm just wondering what others experiences are...


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  • numb like there is no spark not thinking about them as often filling bored when they talk and asking Q like the one you just did if you think you are you are i hope this helps

    • do you think thats boredom?

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    • i dont know

    • the best thing to do is just be honest tell him what you tolled us like love your time said

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  • For me, it was seamless and the realization of it shocked me. It depressed me. But I'm glad it was realized, in a relationship, both people have to be content and willing to work things out. I just didn't have the drive anymore, so the relationship didn't exist anymore. Its seamless. Its sad. But its a necessary realization and should be appreciated, learned from. Take more time to understand before you delve into things like that. at least these are my experiences.

    • i still love him, but the times when we fight its almost like i feel numb. when we are great i feel normal and happy. but the second we fight i just turn cold

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    • itll kill him to know im feeling numb at all. the numbness started a few weeks ago when i felt pressured to go to church with him. i spent the entire time inside trying to not cry

    • You dont sound very happy yourself. You need to want things to change if you want this relationship to work. I can't advice you anymore than this. You need to want your relationship to work if you want it to work. If you don't think you want it or even feel obligated to stay in it, you probably don't need it. You'd be much happier moving on and finding someone who can pry you open, making you trust them. You need to trust.

  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, iKnow It's A Terrible Feeling Especially If That Other Person Still Loves You...

    • i know he loves me, and i love him, but im scared of falling out of love

  • It hurts to fall out of love at least cause i really loved my ex-girlfriends
    but when you find out certain things your hurt goes away once they
    plan to cheat or they are breaking up due over stupid stuff


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  • hmm...
    well its a horrible feeling. as for myself i could put it like this. its like I've fallen off the edge of a cliff but iv managed to grab onto the edge. and I'm just hanging there, trying to pull myself up. he's standing there, and I'm asking him to help me up, and he tries, he really does, but he just... can't, and i eventually lose my grip and fall.

    i dont want it to happen, and i try my best to keep the love alive, but it gets to this point where someone is unintentionally pushing me away.

    • i feel like im so scared of it not working im turning myself numb

    • yeah look. thats the hardest part, i get it. trusting a man with your heart. I'm not gonna sit here and say, aw its easy! cuz its not.
      honestly, search into urself and ask, 'is this man worth my trust? can i trust him with my heart? my life? will he stay loyal to me? and if yes, how do i know that? how has he proved that to me?'

      just reflect on what u 2 have. if u get good vibes then dont b afraid of loving him. if otherwise, think about what u deserve and that maybe what u need isn't in the man ur with=/

  • it hurts like a bitch to feel like someone who u really fell for and thought was crazy about u, could fall out of love with u. its like they saw something in u but just gave up, and maybe feel like they were wrong about u. sucks to disappoint.
    but honestly when u fall out of love with someone, u just start to not give a shit about them anymore. u don't care to talk to them or know what they're up to or who they're with now or how they're doing without u. it's like they don't exist to u anymore. they just don't mean the same thing to u as what they u use to. and u feel like you're better off without them

    • i want to add that I've only been in love twice. u start to not care much for crushes who u never had a deep connection with. but if u really fell for someone i feel it doesn't ever really go away. u think about it from time to time, but in the back of your mind u know it wouldn't of worked. and as difficult as it is, and as many times as u wanted to call them, u know it'd be better to leave it alone. i think u know you're falling out of love when u are more in love with the memories u had with that person rather than the person they are now

    • see thats the thing, i love being around him and he makes me happy, but sometimes i get so numb for no reason, and it goes away quickly. and the other times i get numb its because we are having a disagreement. i dont want to loose him. i just dont want to let myself go numb either. and im afraid both will happen

    • its difficult and sometimes you're unsure. but what i've learned is u have to look at the important things. u love being with him, he makes u happy, u don't want to loose him. number one rule is if u don't want to break up don't break up. a lot of people make assumptions and end up losing something great. if you're having concerns/disagreements, talk it out and see how he compromises. u can't go wrong with a guy who always is trying to make u happy and wants the best for u. ultimately it comes down to how much u care and what you're willing to do for each other

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