Please... is there hope?

Broke up with ex 6 months ago because she gave me an ultimatum for marriage or split. I was in the Army at the time and said I wasn't sure. We fought one night and I broke it off. She called me many times...89 times... and left me a nasty message. We never spoke for six months. I am now out of the Army and miss her dearly. She did so many things for me that were so sweet. her friends say that my ex has now given up trying to find the right one. That she has changed. I've tried contacting her and there is no response. She just recently unblocked me and changed her profile photo to the one that I kept of her when we were dating.

She is overseas, but I have saved a lot of money. What should I do? Please help.
Sent her a message and told her how I felt. She read it and no response. In our relationship she'd say things like "I know we will be together." But she could be with someone else and or shocked to hear from me. Please mature responses only. Thanks.


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  • I think she sounds a little crazy, giving you an ultimatum when you are not even around to discuss with her is something I would hate people to do to me. But besides that, if you really want her back you could contact her and tell her how you feel and that you miss her. She might come around. But if she doesn't respond you need to let her go I think.
    Could you also answer my question?


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  • Leave it. You made the choice months ago, and I know it's lonely right now, but she is not right for you.

    When you love someone, you don't give them an ultimatum. You have a discussion about it like adults. If one person has a goal in mind but it doesn't work with what the other person is ready for you discuss together what your future looks like.

    I'm not trying to be harsh, but likely the only reason she is unblocking you and changing her photo and 'giving up on finding the one' is because she is realizing how good you were to her and regrets pushing you for an answer.

    She was sweet and amazing when you were together and that is something you will always have. If you try to date her again though the likelihood of it ending extremely badly and hurting you both worse is really high.

    Maybe try contacting her again and establishing a connection, but I would strongly advise against trying to date her!

  • Go get her, tell her how you feel


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  • Stay away from the crazy bitch.

    You're just upset because you've been single for so long and she was the last woman who kept your dick relatively wet.

    Find someone new and less damaged.


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