He went back to his ex. Why?

I was with a guy who had been in a 8 year relationship. He was 100% convinced that he did the right thing, said things like "all these years I was with the wrong person, I wasted them, I wish I had met you sooner, etc." We had amazing attraction to each other and great compatibility.

But it was a fairly recent break up and at one point, although we got along great, he changed - he wasn't over the ex, as they were together for so long. So I broke up with him but he still chased me for a while, even said he wanted something serious. I didn't give in, told him he wasn't ready for another relationship yet.

A week later... bam! : back with his ex. AND, everytime we see each other, he's obviously still attracted to me. Can anyone help me understand this, as I refuse to talk to him again? Why is he back with someone he was so tired of?


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  • feelings just dont go away dear

    • You mean his feelings for his ex? They were supposedly gone, that's why he broke up with her in the first place and was so relieved after that.

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    • you are a strong girl... dont' get your self into fears... humans emotions are complex... sometime they even can't handle it... u just do what makes you happy... move on... and most importantly forgive him and yourself... he didn't use u... it was just that he was a guy in love and was hurt... she healed him at this point.. no one knows the future... but u should go for someone who is not hurt and are emotionally available for you only.. good luck for you !

    • Thank you :)

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, When Two People Have Shared A Long History Together, Its Very Difficult For That New Person Dealing With Them To Compare. Memories Last Forever...

  • 8 years is a long time and you gave him the opportunity to get back with his Ex when you broke up with him.


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