At what time of dumper vs dumpee desire to be back in a failed relationship?

Most breakups I've had have gone through or seen have had a brief cool down period where the dumpee tries to get back with the dumper with no avail. Then after a while the dumper has a random rememberase and wants to get back with the person they dumped. Is this normal and how long has these periods lasted for you?


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Everybody Is Different, For Some People Its Days, Weeks, Possibly Month (s) Even Sometimes Years, Everybody Feels The Pain Of A Break-Up At Different Times, But Some Never Feel It At All...

  • since my relationships end mutually and casually, within a few days there's this feeling that i should work things out. but stubbornness, pride, and lack of compromising get in the way.. what sucks is when i get older and wiser i see how stupid and immature the reasons behind the break ups were and how easily they could have been fixed...


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