My boyfriend of 4 years broke up with me , I want him back?

we broke up coz of a misunderstanding, he used to get irritated with me using watsap and he told me m a flirt, when i clearly dint.
my last seen on watsap used to bother him.
i kept telling i dint do anything bad , he blocked my calls, i felt bad and dint text nor call, but he called me after a month, when i called him after a few days he behaved like he cared for me i again called d next day he started behaving rude , after a week when i spoke to him he was fine but my frequent cals irritated him, when he was goin to leave for his hometown he told me not to contact him, but his trip got canceld and he called and asked me to meet him he kept calling to c if i am ready to meet him, when i met him it was like there was no fight at all, he asked me if he could cook up somethn to eat, we got intimate, after sex he told me i had sex with u as i can't c u with anyone else. it was all perfect , but late at nite he told i dont want to be in a relationship, i can't c u with anyone else i dont know y , i know he loves me, hez insecure as always and depressed and confused, i know there's something bothering him. when i ask he gets iritated, i love him a lot. love him to death. help
is there any way i can make him realize things


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Cut All Contact, He Will Just Use You For Sex, iKnow You Love Him But Let Him Go, Dont Reply Back Either, He Is Only Stringing You Along, Dont Allow That, Set Your Emotions Aside & Stop Thinking With Your Heart But Your Head, Over Time You Will Feel Better, iPromise...

  • Find a better guy. This dude is too messed up
    Honest Advice


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