Can a guy really hate you and never want to speak to you for not giving him another chance?

last year I was with the father of my son, I found out he was sexing the other mother of his other child while he was with me so I left him. he asked for me back and said he made a mistake blah blah.. I never gave him a second chance I left him. now he went back with the other fat gross looking mother of his child.. and now he hates me and refuses to be civil for our child? confused here he cheated now he hates me for not taking him back? and refuses to be civil for his child? what a shame!!


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Im Glad You didn't Give Him Another Chance & He Is A Cheater Anyway, Let Him Be With Her, Be Happy, You Dodged A Bullet By Not Going through Life Suffering & Full Of Misery. You Can Raise Your Child On Your Own, Stay Strong & Stay Positive...

    • yessss !!! thank you very much! I am happy I didn't give him a second Chance and yes I can raise my son alone... thanks for the Answers guys xo

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  • Why would you have a child with a man who already had a child. What the guy or girl does is play life long serious mind games that no one wins at.

    • he was single when I met him of course and we were together and had a son... but yes... all did was play mind games its childish! I really don't care about what Happen I'm over it he seems to hate me for not taking him back I think that's pathetic!

  • Yep, I reckon he can hate you and never want to speak to you again. I don't think that would be unusual.

    • yes I understand I just think its pathetic an immature...

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