Girls, why is it you can't be blunt?

Since you're here, what's good? How you doing?

Anyhow, I've got another question.. Why is it, that 99.99% of women, can't just say, what needs to be said.

Let me elaborate with a short story.

Adam and Eve. Not The Adam and Eve, a metaphorical Adam and Eve.

Adam and Eve. They meet, eve is all over Adam. Like really, crazy over this nigga. Adam has had some past hurts, and wasn't going to let eve in because of them, but that bitch cray over him, so he though why not.

months go by, and eve is starting to show signs of lost interest (from Adams understanding).

These two are stupid in love by the way.

So Adam try's his hardest to fight for his mate, but she keeps on slipping.

Soon enough, they don't see eachother for a couple days.. Weeks...
Adam wants to know what's up, he's frustrated, CAUSE HE DONT KNOW WHATS HAPPENING.

He speaks with eve after a while and ask what's going on. Eve breaks it off with Adam.

Now here's the twist.

Adam knows that sneaky bitch has a reason for breaking it off, and a good one too. But all eve has to say is "I have to focus on school, I can't give you all my attention"

These two were sooo close, always making corny jokes on the phone every night, and just always spoke. But suddenly, eve isn't speaking with Adam anymore.. At all. But instead talks to other males, such as john, and joe.

So Adam sitting here waiting for eve to finish her homework so he can swing back in, but eve is on the hunt. Why? Because eve can't spit it the fuck out.

With that short story in mind
Girls, why can't you just say what needs to be said in order for that person to move on?
Ps if you could help Adam out with his problem he'd appreciate it, a lot.



Most Helpful Girl

  • maybe she thought it'd be easier for you to move on if she didn't tell you it was for school. because then you'd probably be like 'yeah don't worry we can make it work' even though she thinks it won't work thats why she's breaking it off because she doesn't want you to still have hope about the future and then be disappointed later when she can't give you her attention. i don't know but maybe adam should talk to eve instead of asking it on a website where strangers give contradicting advise that may do more harm than good?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Girls operate with a certain level of constant level background fear, every hour of every day. It's like background noise, they don't even notice it any more. Most of the things they do (and especially don't do) is due to fear. They reason they won't approach a guy and ask him out? Fear. The reason they won't be blunt about what they want? Fear. The reason they won't be blunt when rejecting a guy? Fear. The reason they stay with a guy and try to passively make him break up with her? Fear. The reason she says Maybe when she wanted to say No? Fear.

    The reason Eve won't tell Adam what he wants/needs to hear, in order to move on? Say it with me now... fear. She's afraid that Adam will not take it well, and will take it out on her, or think badly of her, or whatever her particular fear is.

    Adam, the trick to keeping a woman, is to make sure you keep things interesting for her. Be a mystery, don't give her everything she wants, learn how to surprise her from time to time and never ever let her get bored or know you so well that she can take your responses for granted.


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What Girls Said 6

  • That isn't a trait purely reserved for women, that's just people being too cowardly to upset the other person by saying "I don't want to be with you any more". Then that starts the whole conversation of Why not? Then it's a character assassination which isn't what most decent people want to do, lay into someone and tell them all the reason they don't find them attractive.

    • You got it all wrong. It don't save men from the hurt. It pisses them the fuck off. Rather than laying down at 5 am wondering what the fuck it was, I could be sleeping with that knowing, ready to wake up and better that aspect.

    • I didn't say it was saving the dumpee's feelings, it helps the dump-er feel better because they think they haven't hurt the other person. I don't think it is done often to deceive the other person, just people can be cowardly and will do a lot to avoid confrontation, especially on such a personal level.

    • Lol, dumpee

  • Seems like Eve doesn't want to have that talk with Adam. Maybe Adam should take matters into his own hands instead of waiting around for Eve's explanation.

    • would dat mean

    • It means that she doesn't want to do the breakup and is trying to get you to do it. Some women lack the metaphorical testicles when it feelings are involved.

  • Why is it that when a girl is blunt, a guy hears something totally different, wants to take advantage of her, or thinks she trying to play hard to get? I'm pretty blunt and what I have learned is that just because you say how you feel does not mean that the person on the receiving end will do the same or accept what is being said.

  • agree with you, but guys do this as well all the time.

  • To be honest. My father has always taught be to be blunt and straight forward. I actually have a hard time with men not being the same way or basically honest with me. I find that its solves a lot of problems and conversations are more meaningful than just just that beat around the bush bullshit.

    And honestly I had a problem with a military guy who just could not tell me he was not interested. He just told me that "we will have our chance" bullcrap what the hell does that mean. And I have not heard from him since. I was 21 the guy was fucking 28. So you are not alone if this is the situation you are going through. I wish you luck. :) There are women out there who are straight forward.

    • Honestly sorry it that was harsh in anyway. And sometimes initiating does help if you feel like something is up.

What Guys Said 4

  • Girls Tend To Take A Guy's Feelings Into Consideration & Doesn't Wanna Hurt Him.

  • they could be blunt but then people will be oversensitive and call them a bitch

  • Looks like adam needs to move on and bang another chick brah. Ha just saiyan

  • I read that in Samuel L Jackson's voice.


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