Is it ok to ignore my ex or if I do, does that signal that I am bitter and resentful?

So, she dumped me after 10 months of dating because she said she never loved me. I tried to get her back at the time and she said no.

Because we are in somewhat the same circles, she said we could remain friends. I rejected this proposal at first as I do not really believe that one can truly be friends after dating and being intimate.

Anyway, a few months of NC went by until I saw her again at at a gathering with mutual friends. The encounter was brief and awkward, but amicable enough. I thought that perhaps there was a chance of reconciliation. However, while my ex was friendly enough, she never contacted me (I did not think it appropriate to reach out to her since I had previously made my feelings clear to her months earlier and she told me to cease communication at the time). Further, a dude was hitting on her in my presence and it seemed like she was enjoying the attention, regardless of how it would make me feel. I maintained the high road and was always courteous to her, but inside I was both seething and disappointed. Rather than get angry, I went out and socialized and dated other women. Apparently, this got back to my ex because t he next time I saw her and approached her to say hello and ask about her family, she was very cold and rude to me.

Throughout all this, I have maintained my civility and always given her a quick smile and hello when I run into her.

But, now I am starting to feel silly about how gracious I feel I am being. I want to simply ignore her when I see her. After all, she dumped me, tells me she wants to remain friends, but obviously doesn't mean it, she can flirt with other guys in my presence, but gets upset if I date other girls even though, once again, she dumped me!

I want to be a mature, civil person about this whole mess. But, she hurt me and I'd rather ignore her.

Thoughts? Thanks.
Thanks for the comments. I am wondering if I should avoid any events where she may be. It could be uncomfortable, especially if she is with a guy.


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  • Ignoring your ex does not mean you are bitter or resentful my ex claims that because he is mad that I want nothing to do with him its been 2 years and he still is trying to get me back when I finally responded and told him to leave me alone he claims that he can't stop thinking about me and he just wanted to invite me to his wedding? So you're getting married and can't stop thinking about me that's bullshit he was trying to figure out if he wanted to marry this girl based on if he I would take him back. Lmao I told him I forgave him a long time ago for myself not for you to pop in and out of my life I am not bitter I don't believe in being friends with exes especially an ex that constantly begs me to take him back or wants sex. Another reason is if I was in his current fiance's shoes I would not like my soon to be husband to be begging another bitch for friendship and inviting her to our wedding. Moving on is mature, feeling like you need to hold on is immature.

    • Yes, I do not believe in being friends with exes either. I wish my ex had not thrown that out there. She was simply pissed that I moved before she did. I have no desire to keep smiling and saying hello to her.

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  • She doesn't worth your time. Ignore her and forget her she will always be like a posion in your life. Ignore her an dyou will find better life, better person and better you. As long as you still need her and think about her she would never be intrested she might be intrested once you completely over her. Be yourself there are a lot waiting for you once you get release from her ties. Forget her and never care what she's doing with who ever. Belive me a lot of girls don't know the value of what they have until it's gone
    be strong my friend that what you should be even if she back you need to be back when you are strong and don't care if she is with you or no then it's your call...
    Good luck

    • Thanks, but should I avoid the places where she might be?

    • Yeah completely ignore her. I used to even not to look to her car in work parking lot to not to nkow if she is at work or no and not remeber her

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  • I think you should totally ignore her! She doesn't deserve your attention. Don't be kind just because you don't want to be rude! She dumped you, she told you she never loved you, she flirted with other guys. It's time for you to take control in your hands. Don't act like a kid by being at the same table and act like she doesn't exist. Just don't go next to her for any reason so you won't have to talk to her.

  • If staying in contact with her makes you uncomfortable, you shouldn't do it. Do it if you want to, not just for the sake of being "a good person". Good luck!


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Cut All Contact, Dont Worry About Being Friendly, If She Tries & Talk To You Then Say "Hi" & Keep Moving, She isn't Worth Your Time, Trust Me...

    • Thanks, but should I avoid the places where she might be?

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