If you had NO friends once you got out of a marriage or long term relationship, how did you make new friends?

It's so hard yet I haven't lost hope. Met a girl on a friend making site and we get together every once in a while.
Also gotten friendly with my sister's friends.
I'm so lonely and wish I had long term friends... It really is killing me, I'm so depressed. I'm very introverted and find it hard enough to maintain them but at the same time I want them.
But don't know where to make them. There's a few meet up groups I'm watching but none quite fit the bill, or are far away. Not giving up, though.
How's about you? How did you make new friends after getting out of a marriage or long term relationship?
Feel like that took up so much of my life that I brushed these other connections aside...


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  • I think it has to do with the friends you had when you were with your ex. I have friends that have been with me through my last relationship and anything since. Honestly if your friends are your friends then they shouldn't have an issues being in your life post relationship. However if the people you were friends with during your relationship were only friends to you and your ex, and sided with your ex after the break up then I would say they were never your friends to begin with.
    Generally speaking unless someone does something really bad in a break up, I tend to stay friends with both parties. However lets say one of the people cheats, steals, or something equally horrible then it makes me rethink the person and who they are, versus who they portray themselves as. Liars, cheaters and thieves tend to always be just that.
    As for making new friends what kind of hobbies do you have? See about taking classes at your local craft store, or join a book club, maybe join a gaming league. You have to look at this from the perspective of what you are into, and what kind of friends you want to have.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Im Just Like You Right Now But All You Gotta Do Is Socialize At Any Opportunity You Get, Be Charismatic & Friendly. In Time You Will Meet New People & Be Happy, Stay Positive...

  • It was a couple of years after my wife of 20 years died, that I began thinking of possibly trying a new relationship. I met someone on a data website who I really didn't have much in common with, but we would hook up occasionally for some great sex. But it wasn't really what I wanted. It satisfied my sexual needs but not my emotional needs. So, I decided to take a different approach. I got more involved in activities that I enjoyed like riding my motorcycle and singing karaoke. By going out and doing things I enjoyed, I got to meet new people. It was through a friend that I met this way that I was introduced to the woman who would become my new wife.
    So my advice would be to get out and do things you enjoy doing and in doing so, you will meet new people. And the people you meet this way you will have something in common with...

  • Yes, the lying crazy bitch went nuts one day and told lies that put a halo on her, devil horns on me and stole all our friends, money and then began to beat up my income, while holding kids hostage for support $$$. Avid (new) church goer + school teacher - go figure.

    New friends, if not a goal in itself are easiest to get as a byproduct to
    being Christian in business
    joining sports teams (in the broadest sense of the term)
    joining a church w/o crazies in it
    volunteering organizations
    finding regular group gatherings
    smile + hello to neighbors
    asking about others, remembering their stories, listening to them talk about themselves


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