Plan on deleting some old pics of ex on my iphone... but considering sending them to her before doing so. We are on ok terms.. should I do this?

I'm trying to forget about my ex by clearing out some old photos of her. We are on "ok" terms (it was more of a sad breakup than an angry one) but I can tell she's trying to break off contact with me. She untagged the pics of her and I together... but kept the pics I took of her tagged. She used to say to me "you make me look really good in pics". She still has a pic of I took her as her profile pic on facebook.

I still have some old pics of just her on my iphone. I'm debating if I should send them to her as a friendly gesture before deleting them. I planned on sending a text message beforehand saying "Hey so and so... I was just doing some cleaning on my phone and I noticed a few old pics of you. This might sound weird but would you like these pics before I remove them? You used to say I made you look good in pics..."

Yes I do still have feelings for her... and I'm trying to stay away from contact. However this is genuine friendly gesture... but I'm not sure how it would go over.
I'm going to confess I have some mixed feelings about this. Again the pictures are of her only. However a part of me is hoping that it will remind her of good times and maybe give some hope of us getting together again... or least talking again
Alright I think I'm going text her for permission to send the pics this Sunday. At that point it will be over 2 weeks since I last contacted her.


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  • Yes, I think that would be nice of you. She probably would appreciate some nice photos of herself since she stated the better photos are ones you took, and you're also making it clear that you're going to delete them off your phone which means goodbye. This DOES sound like a sad breakup. If you get back together one day, at least you know she has them. :)

    • Yes I just want to do this as a friendly gesture and keep the creep factor to a minimum. I guess the most I have to lose is a response from her that is along the lines of "I don't want them... go away".

    • That's true. But down the line if you miss her and want a picture back, you can always ask her to resend one if you're on friendly terms too. But for now, removing them will probably help you get over some things easier - out of sight out of mind.

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  • Seems you're both trying to forget eachother, so no. Obviously I don't know her, but she might see it as you trying to make her think about you.

    • Again although these are pics of just her... not us together. You got a point though. I do have a remote hidden agenda. These pics might remind her of better times.

    • If they're just of her then knock yourself out lol she might like em.

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  • First I think you should ask her if she wanted the pictures before you deleted them that way you're not just sending them and she doesn't look at her phone and is like..."um why did he send all the pics he took of me too my phone".. so Yeah just ask her first or give her a heads up because when photo txts come in without a warning I usually get a wth moment but yeah I don't know her so she might be different on how she would react.

    • ha... if you actually read my original post you will see that I thought about doing that. Yeah it would come off as a bit creepy if I just sent her the pics beforehand.

    • Lol yeah, I actually did... I was agreeing with you lmao but just ask her first then send (: think it would be cool of you.

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Me Personally iWouldnt Send Them To Her, If You Wanna Keep Them & Not See Them Just Save Them On Your Computer...


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