MY Ex Gf and I are talking again. I want her back, should I continue the no contact or continue talking with her as friends?

SHe broke up with me a month ago after two years of being together, She said she just wanted her life back and was tired of explaining herself. She just wants to have fun with her friends and says that she is too young and doesn't want a serious relationship right now. SHe told me to move on and not wait for her. I was her first serious relationship. I the first guy to ever meet her parents, i took her virginity away, she even has a giant prom picture of us hanging i her living room, so its obvious she's was crazy about me. But a month ago after spending time with her family and partying with them in mexico for two weeks. she came back and broke up with me. so the first two weeks i would send her letters trying to show her i cared and how much i loved her, but she just ignored them and continued to push me away, then one day i told her i gave up.. and i only went 1 week of no contact. and one day she texted me when she saw my fb stastus saying i was at the movies with my friend ( a guy Friend ) and from thier we started talking again.. But we haven't talked about us, we just text each other back and fourth with silly messages, But the thing is that she doesn't always reply, sometimes she goes to bed or ignores my messages hours later , or if not the next morning.. I really want her back. But i wonder if should just try to continue contact with her to show her how much i changed, Which i have in the last month. ( i quit drinking and lost 10 pounds ). or should i continue the no contact to make her miss me more? I just want her back in the most healthiest way


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  • you should continue being her friend but don't get attach or expect much out of her wait for her to make her move to contact you and all just be supportive and there she may be right she may just not be ready for a serious relationship and want to live it up a little bit she may be one of those girls who may not go out often and finally has gotten out of state and out of the house more and want to see and explore the world more and travel a lot more try just having fun with her and not being so serious until she's ready to

    • Thank you that makes sense im just gonna do that but at the same time ima try to make some distance for myself. i feel like she's going through a weird stage in her life. all i can do is work on myself and hope for the best , but oh well at least i will know that i tried

    • true and your welcome have a great day !

  • no it seems to me she is just stringing you along. I've had similar relationships and in the end it just hurt worse to accept that it was over.


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