Have you ever been lied to or cheated on or led on by your boyfriend/ex if so pleas tell me your story, feel free to share?

Ever been cheated on or lied too, or led on by someone who thought loved you?


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  • Yes, my ex gf of 3 yes cheated on me from the beginning of our relationship back in 2011, I broke up with her and she went out with the same guy she cheated on me with and 2wks after he broke up with with, I figured that she had learned her lesson so I took her back, throughout the 3 yes I still felt hurt about what she did, I was scared the same thing would happen accused her a couple times, i only did that because I caught her in so many lies , she would say I did she because I didn't want any arguments, and that would put a lot of things in my head about her and make me think she is cheating, so 3 months ago she told me that she gave this boy her number for h. w in school school I believed it, came to find out they been texting after and I didn't know, I told her to delete his numberand tell him to stop texting her, 2 wks after I searched her phone when she came to my house and she had a pass code on private mags an I figured out the password an found out they been kinda flirting behind my back so we had a big argument about that, the fact she still have his number saved and she his the text msg, I got mad but was dumb enough to forgive her and stayed with her two wks after that she broke up with me, and then was messing with the same guy, she left me on June 6 and on June 28 got into a relationship with him, she lied to me a lot that really crushed me that she did, I begged her for wks ever since June 6 to August trying to fix things but she was a bitch to me and cold, I never did nothing bad to her gave her all my love everything, the guy she left me for went to prison on July 2 and got out August 16 then 4 days after he got locked up again, I have not spoken to her in 11days now

    • She just try to lie her way out of things and blamed the reason why we broke up was because of insecurity and trust, told her whole family I made her cry and she is unhappy, her family think I was the one who hurt her all the time, but shelied to me and blamed it all on me posting a lot of things on Fb about me, I hope karma gets her or I guess this is her karma the guy she is with now, held it down for 3 yes with this girl and she turn around and do me wrong again, we was only 13:yrs old from the start now I'm turning 18, she figured that she could do better and is better off with out me, although she did me so wrong I still held on for us but she moved on so quickly and used a bullshit ass excuse to break up with me

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