My ex boyfriend started talking to me again after a month?

We split a month ago, I messaged him earlier stating that I'm sorry and I miss him. (He broke up with me) and he said he missis me as well. He said that he doesn't hate me anymore :S he said that its all in the past and that he thinks that we shouldn't keep on not talking. So why? He hasn't replied to my other messages but tonight he did? Then the conversation went on a bit then he went to bed. Does he want to get back with me again? Or am I just over thinking?
He said that he misses me as well


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, At The Time He Was Upset & Now Is Probably Feeling Better, He Might Want To Work Things Out, Take It Slow & See Where It Goes...

    • Okay, thank you :) I messaged him tonight and he said that he was going to sleep :/

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  • i think he just wants to rekindle your friendship, hope it works for you! :)

    • Thank you, do you think he would want more one day?

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    • It was really good!
      I self harmed before I got with him but after 4 months of not doing it, I did it. He was shocked I did it. As I never did it before in the relationship :/

    • aww thats hurts that he broke it off cause of that. sorry to hear that :(

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  • Probably his other bitch doesn't want him no more and now he is trying to crawl back to you like a dog

    • I don't think there is another woman...

    • What was the break up reason?

    • I did something stupid to myself as he was distant, and someone from my past came back into my life :/

  • be patient. if he doesn't smooth out after 30 days move on


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