Ex girlfriend called and said she will kill herself because I dumped her. Is it bad that I don't care whatsoever?

Okay so today I got a call from my ex which I thought was odd being we had broken up a little over a week ago. Against my better judgment I answered it. Next thing I know she screaming about how she's going to kill herself because I dumped her. Upon hearing that I loss is and tell her off. I basically said "I don't give a fuck. You can cut your own throat, hang yourself, or whatever, but it isn't going to hurt me in the slightest." then hang up. Later I tell a few friends what happen and some say I may have went a bit overboard. Honestly I don't think I did because she is a manipulative and controlling bitch which is why I dumped her. I really don't know if she would really do it or not, but I wouldn't feel any guilty. I would just be glad to be rid of her for good. Is that bad.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Oh my lord, your title made me laugh out loud...

    The things you said are no doubt hurtful but if she's manipulative like you say, then this is probably another lame ass stunt to fuck with your mind.

    I don't know if I buy that you don't feel bad at all though, only because you're asking for opinions.

    • Actually nvm that last part, k?

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    • Right. That's what I figured, after re reading what you wrote it sounded like you were just trying to see if you were a psychopath ::D

    • Yeah pretty much.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Bro same story here, almost. My ex was controlling, demanding, aggressive and started hitting me so I had to break up with her. Later she called me saying that she was going to get in the bath and slit her wrists. She even ran the bath and put the phone up to it so I could hear it and she sent me a picture of a knife then a picture of it on her wrists with a small cut saying 'just started cutting'.

    I stupidly took her back. Everything went back to normal for 2 weeks then she suddenly left me for an older guy! Without actually being serious I tried to play the 'I'm going to kill myself' card by text message to see how she would react since she did it to me. Instead she just deleted me straight off Facebook and ignored me though like she didn't care.

    I suggest you do the same. Lesson learnt. She won't actually kill herself she just wants to guilt trip you into taking her back. Like I said I bet if she broke up with you and you tried telling her that you would kill yourself she wouldn't take you back over it or care much. Be strong and don't take her back unless you love her and want to be with her. You've done the right thing so far.
    You probably shouldn't tell her that you don't care and that she can kill herself, that is a bit over the top. Rather just say "I've had enough of your attention seeking drama's and abuse you immature little girl. Grow up, get out of my life and get on with your own, it's done". That would really hit home for her haha, I bet she would cry.


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What Girls Said 3

  • You did nothing wrong. Controlling, manipulative little bitches need to hear this. She said it to get your attention and it didn't work. The second you react in such a way that shows you care, she'll think, "Yes, I got him to care," because people like this just can't stand the thought that they're not in the spotlight. Even if you react indirectly (i. e. calling the police, or her parents to relay the information) she will still find out and think she got to you enough to care. You dumped her for a reason and it sounds like there's a pattern to her behaviour. I absolutely despise people who make light of suicide like this for their own personal little gain to control other people. I had an ex who did this to me when I was 25 and when he told me each time he'd kill himself (in order to get his way with things) I'd fall all over him trying to appease him. One day I told him, "Well, do what you have to do then." He did make an attempt, but a feeble one. I still didn't budge. People in his camp thought I was cold, but it doesn't matter. They had no idea what I went through and wouldn't believe me if I told them.

    I have a strong feeling this girl will be alive tomorrow. Maybe she'll learn a valuable lesson not to fuck around with using suicide cries to get what she wants. People who really are desperate for help will do it at times when you least it expect it, such as happy times at Christmas when it doesn't make sense to be sad. Breaking up includes heightened emotions and people like her will say the stupidest things as they get through their rejection period.

    Good luck. I'm sorry you have to go through this, you're bringing back a lot of memories for me that made me so angry. :( You're doing the right thing, and it's the best thing you got rid of her. She'll never change. My ex didn't and from what I hear, he's driving his wife nuts with the same bullshit he put me through. They just never change, these attention whores.

  • its not bad that you don't care but you did go a little over board. you could have simply said i dont think thats a good idea but it doesn't really affect me.

  • I can't really blame you. I hate manipulative people and if a guy were calling me to tell me he's going to kill himself, my reply would be like ''Go ahead, do it; you're not my problem anymore''.

    • To be honest I'm hoping she isn't bluffing.

What Guys Said 1

  • I agree with what you did. If she loved you enough to kill herself, then she would have been treating you better. Most likely she is just trying to manipulate you again, by making these threats. You needed to be strict in order to prove to her, that she can no longer control you.


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