How to move on from him?

It's been 4 months as of today since we broke up, I haven't talked to him in awhile, he told me he moved on and that he thinks we shouldn't talk anymore, and I get that but how do I move on?
I'm going to be seeing him in a week when school starts and I don't want to have a breakdown or anything.
I just want to move on but I can't seem to and I don't know why.. He did, so why can't I?


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  • I went through the same thing with my ex when he broke up with me, couldn't take it it was so hard for me because I saw his face everyday and just wanted to break down and cry. He'd always be staring at me but I made sure I looked away. It takes time to move on from an old love it isn't very easy its a process and for me it wasn't easy as well but it was worth of course. I understand how hard that will but but what you do is you act like he doesn't exist like act like you don't see him that's what I do I pay him no attention. You won't breakdown you might feel a little weak in your knees because I know I was the first couple of days but I took baby steps and healed. Walk right past him like you don't even see him. I broke up with my ex like the first week of school in August 2013, and then we didn't talk for 5 months, and then in January 2014 he came back to me, and then in March 2014 he broke up with me out of the blue. I just focus on my studies and stuff and pay him no attention whatsoever. If he starts chasing you do not take him back because that's what I did with my ex and I got hurt, he just led me on like a dog. Just act like you don't even see him trust me act like he isn't even there that's what I do and I'm pretty much used to it now. My ex and I aren't friends, not enemies, were just strangers with some memories. I still find him staring at me every once in a while but that doesn't mean I run back to him and you don't do it either cause you'll get hurt. Focus on your schoolwork, study, make good grades, make friends, go to games, distract yourself. Do you, be you trust me one day he will realize that he had wished he never let you go. Keep your head up and don't let your crown fall and don't let him see you cry either.

    • Okay. I'll do that and hope it works for me.
      Thank you (:

    • It will it just takes baby steps that's all don't rush it take your time and heal

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Dont Go See Him, Cut All Contact & Self-Heal, It Will Be Tough But You Can Do It...

  • Just don't think about it to much to much to much toooooo much lol


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