Is this fair? Copping abuse from ex?

I broke up with my ex because of a few reasons.

1. He never showered or brushed his teeth on a regular basis, leaving him smelling like shit most the time. He'd get angry at me if I asked him to shower.

2. He was always on his laptop playing games or on Skype to his mates.

3. He wasn't going to quit smoking, I hated that he always smelt like stale cigarettes (and B. O as mentioned in 1.)

4. He had major anger issues. He would throw tantrums if he didn't get his own way. Slamming doors and raising his voice. He would get mad if I was better than him at something. Guitar Hero for example. I can remember him throwing one of the guitars because I beat him. Also, Crash Bandicoot. He threw the controller and gave me the silent treatment.

Yet I'm the one copping all the abuse right now because I'd had enough of his shit and did the right thing by breaking up with him. He called me a waste of space and all the names under the sun. The guy is 26 for fuck sake!!!


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Just Ignore It, If You Tell Your Significant Other About Problems In The Relationship & They Still Dont Change Then It's Time To Let It Go. You Did What You Could & Shouldn't Feel Bad, Move On & Fine Somebody To Make You Happy...

  • Sounds like a immature little brat who has not grown up yet. You did the right thing.


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