My bf broke up with me for d second time. will he come back?

we r together since past 5 yrs. he broke wid me 4 days ago coz he wants to focus on his career nd wants to b independent etc. even once before he broke up wid me nd went into a relationship wid some other girl. bt he came back after 2 months saying for what he did. dis time he broke up saying he can fulfill my expectations. i need time from him and he s too busy which led to some arguements since past 1 month. he s too angry now. he blocked me everywhere. its my bday after 10 days. he told me if he wishes me it would b only formality. i know he speaks rudely when he is angry and also forget them the next day. lol. he told me he won't repeat the mistake of coming back. he said d same thing last year when he broke up wid me. still he came back after 2 moths which i mentioned above. this time d reason is not so big nd we were really happy wid each other. its just dat we had small fi8s coz he was too busy.. nd now he s pissed. i had sent him a text on whatsapp saying u der? he replied who s dis? he very well knew its me. i replied my name wid a sad smiley nd he blocked me. i dont know what to do? its my bday after 8 days. pls help me. i want him back. i know he loves me nd i love him too.


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  • I suspect that an acquaintance as long as yours would be hard to break, so you will in all likelihood hear from him again because you are a girl who will be there when he needs you while he can cavort and philander as he pleases. My question is: Are you using him? You don't need him. Find yourself a proper boyfriend who will concern himself with your needs allied to his own. A boyfriend you can't trust is worse that no boyfriend at all.

    • m not using him. i really love him. our parents know about us. its just that wen things go wrong he leaves me nd go. i dont knw what to do den. i tried all sort of things be it begging or explaining. bt he is nt ready to listen. i really love him and i want him back. i dont know what to do.. :-( pls help. its my bday after 8 days

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  • u need to learn to give him space. it happens to many couples. it is part of growing up and learning about relationships. if there is mistreatment, you should not go back. give it some time. in the meantime plan for your future and plan for yourself. What I have learned is that the only person that for sure will be with you later on is yourself. your parents or boyfriend may not be there by your side. this is a difficult moment but these hurtful experiences help us grow and make us stronger.
    Good night and happy burp day!


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