OMG ex changed his phone number because of me. What should I learn from this?

I've been trying to talk to my ex, not crazy a lot but def a change and he could tell. I said happy bday and then called a few days later. Now his phone is turned off, I'm assuming he changed his number. Good lord am I that repulsive? I know he hates me because after the break up I started escorting but I changed again and I just want him back. I'm working full time 9-5 job. And I wouldn't have been where I'm at without him and I just want him to know Im not the same.


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  • That you are such a clingon that he knew even dumping you wouldn't get him the space he needed. It was worth it to change his number and let everyone else know, rather than deal with your never ending demands for his attention.

    I'm guessing he dumped you because you smothered him.

    • Ya I'm clingy, and I'm working on it. It's just weird looking at how much we've both changed and then that's it? I made him, he made me. He changed so much cuz of me.

    • Doesn't matter. He wants his space, you never gave it to him, he's resorting to drastic measures to get it.

      Next time you date a guy, remember that lesson. Guys need space from time to time, and they will move heaven and earth to get it.

    • Ok. Thanks for the honesty.

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  • He obviously wants nothing to do with you, so I'd just leave it be and move on.


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  • I really don't mean to come off offensive in saying this... but maybe he just doesn't care. Sometimes when people brake up it's for good. He must have had big problems with your life choices and no matter the changes you've now made, he's not interested.

    That or he forgot to pay his phone bill/bought a new phone.


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