He wants to have THE TALK. How can I prepare myself? Some advice?

So I've been dating this guy for 4 months and he told me a couple of weeks ago that he was sure he wanted me by his side for the rest of his life.. and all that you know.. He was apparently a little confused about where we were going and he thought it would be good if we had "the talk". So i'm gonna meet with him very soon for our third date but...

how do I prepare myself? I'm really baaad at talking about emotions and thought and being all vulnerable. I'm not shy - actually im the outgoing person - but when it comes to speaking up for myself I just tend to shut down and usually I keep my emotions for myself - what do I do? Because of course I want to lay everything on the table, like what I expect for the future, and from him in a relationship and so on :-/
It should have been the dating category :p


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  • You've had 2 dates in 4 months?
    The only thing you need to prepare is "Are you fucking serious?"

    Repeat as needed.

    • Due to exam periodes and vacation.

    • Even so, two dates in 4 months, is nowhere near enough exposure to someone to have any sort of "TALK".

      Whatever he winds up saying, just prepare to treat it sceptically.

    • Okay thank you :-)

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