My gf cheated on me with our best friend and dumbed me?

i loved a girl for 4 years madly.. we alwats talk to each other 4 times in a day... she looked after me for everthing.. we were like husband wife to each other... and we did sex for more thousand time with purity and true love... i did everything for her... even ignored the lots of opportunities for her... i am highly educated throughout with gud records and cracked many interviews... she had poor academic records... and she was not getting any job... i teached her for comptetive exams.. prepared her and one day she got the job... the next day she told me that she is in love with my best freind ( her also) for all 4 years and she wants to go with him... i begged her.. followed her for more than 2 weeks... admitted in hospital just for a depression attack... i lost my job... and asked her do not leave me... but she told me that she want to fly now in the sky... and she will go with my best friend.. because i was only physical with her ( we did sex on our on interest.. i never forced her.. she enjoyed that everytime)... and lastly said to me that i am selfish for not allowing her to go to him... and did me text..."GET LOST.. IF YOU EVER TRIED TO CONTACT ME.. I WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE"... she abused my parents also.. i loved her so much.. even i married her without telling my parents.. because she told me one day that she want to marry... i was planning for our future.. i did so much for her family.. she never bothered for mine... she was the one who was who took me in this relationship... now she just dumbed me... gone to my best friend... called me selfish, idiot.. abused my parents... my best friend told me that he loves her too and i should move on... its feeling very poor to me? m totally lost... what should i do now? how to forget that girl?


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  • When she is older she will no longer be beautiful and then she will realize that she is no longer valuable to men. You have your education and your intelligence and that is permanent - nobody can take that away from you - so be happy and use your intellect and education and get another girl and marry her BEFORE you have sex. And get her pregnant. Then you don't have to worry about her leaving you.


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  • You got used. She was most likely banging so you could keep educating her so she could land a job. And she was having sex with your best friend for love and affection. She is in asshole. You just have to heal and move on. It will take time to heal from a long-term relationship. Spend time with friends and family. Lose her number.


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  • its a bit weird that she has been with you all these years and now all of a sudden she tells you that she loves your best friend and has been in love with him since the beginning. are you rich? maybe that's why she has stayed with you.. i dont think a girl would actually stay with a guy four years just for sex. she would eventually get bored in the first year.

    • no.. m not rich.. m belong to a middle class family... she too... the other person ( my best friend ) is very rich... although he has no job.. his father is a big business men... my father is a 4th class government employee...

    • anyway i agree with MadelnAmerica

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