I really need an answer on this, guys comment if girls can relate let me know as well thank you! It's a simple question, needs an answer!!!

me and my ex broke up, he texts me here and there, saying hello telling me he's been working a lot small talk and sometimes text me to not reply!!. I am going on Vaca, this weekend I have not uploaded any pics since we broke up, I have been hurt and he knows I have, so I am going to visit my home NY to have some fun with some friends and I will be putting pics, will this make him jealous? even if he cared or not, deep down as a guy that knows their ex still cares and is all about YOU, u see her after the breakup somewhere having fun. will it bother you?,


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  • Well my first response would have been who cares. My own personal feelings if I were you would be I want to enjoy my life if others choose to have a problem with it that's fine. But since you really seem to want to know how he he feels I'll give another answer. If I were him I still wouldn't care. My ex just a few weeks ago sent a text to me "accidentally" that just happened to mention the cruise she was going on. Did I care about the cruise? No not really. Was I jealous? Yeah a little I like cruises but it was easy to get over. Did it make me want her more? No. Had she just called to talk I would've been a lot more interested. But posting pics on Facebook wouldn't bother me in the slightest. Any guy that sits around mad that people are having fun without them instead of enjoying his own life is probably annoying and not someone I'd want to be around.

    • true.. he is one to be like that.. from what I've seen , he once got mad at me because I wanted to see a hockey game with co workers and he told me I shouldn't because he was the one to show me about hockey so I needed to watch it with him, so I fig this type of person it'll bother him that hey guess what that girl that you think bent over backwards for you, and u think u had as an option is moving on happily, just wondering deep down we r all humans and our mind always wonder, specially good looking girl with a nice black dress and killer boots taking the town :)

    • Err don't mean to burst your bubble but it seems like you're way to concerned with what this guy thinks about you. Are you still into him? Because if you are it's okay but it really takes the joy out of life when you're concerned with how others are going to react to what you're doing especially when that other persons made it somewhat clear he doesn't care.

    • yea, I am, I don't lie about how I feel I am not concern hence why I am going on vacation and moving on I don't worry about him, I mean I do but I keep it moving, I broke up with him he had internal issues that was affecting us, I couldn't help even as a psychologist, I do care for him as person but I am certainly moving on,, we are all humans and we wonder sometimes you know,


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  • ABSOLUTELY, i would definitely recommend it! guy's hate to see you having fun without them. Make him wonder why you're still smiling ;) make it look like you've given up and moved on and he will come running, trust me. This guy played me for sooo long and as soon as I made him believe I was disinterested he came running and would get jealous when I would hang with guy's and do my own thing and have fun with my life. Show him what he's missing out on ;)

    • hahaha my KIND OF GIRL AND ANS! I this is the best ans, I try choosing as most helpful but "its too soon" LAME!, ha I thought I was the only one that thought the same!!! yep, I will be on a sexy black dress with killer boots and a killer smile :) I hope this irks him! he went out two or some weeks after we broke up, CAN I SAY MY TURN? only thing is that I am doing in the party city NYC!!!

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  • IDK! I don't like to play the "make him jealous/want me" card. It always seems backfires and doesn't really resolve any persoal issues. Bottom line is you can't make someone else like or love you. Maybe back off a bit and see if he comes calling.

  • Throw some guys in the pic with their arm around u and it'll definitely make him jealous!(: if its all girls he might just check out the other girls and not even care that you're in the pic.

    • hahahahah TYPICAL MAN HA.. yea def I have a shit load of hot friends back home, :)

    • There you go!! I think you'll do a great job of making him jealous (: if all goes well I'm sure he will be begging for you to be his haha (:

    • or it can backfire like a motherFCKr hahaha

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