How could my Ex Girlfriend look so happy, she travel a lot and have too many Hobbies?

I Am 25 and she is 22 we been together for around 5years. she Dump me 6 months ago. ( i even went no contact for a month) In this 6 months i try fix my relationship because I really love her. I won't blame her for what she did to me. we both had some small problem like normal people have. but i never thought she would leave me like this. I missed her so much lets say am a needy its because I love her. because of her I did sacrifice my best time of my life that i could build a good career and future.

she never had a good friend and she dont even want to go out with her friends , so some times i tell her to go out with her friends for a change and get to know new friends but she never did. she always complain about everyone , even she hate her family sometimes. I am the one who make her strong and make her cool down for all of this reasons. I explain her how to be with friends and family so she could have a good time them.

after she left me. She make lots of friends went out. she travel a lot/(Alone). she post so many photos on instagram show to the whole world and to my friends she never had a freedom but now she is free to do anything. I was shocked because I never treat her like she was in jail. its look like she came out from Jail. she said she dont want to bewith me anymore and now she is really happy and she promised me she never come back she feel suffocated with me. )< after this i start to move on i was sad and still i am but i felt day by day my pain go less, yet i missed her sometimes really bad n feel soo much love for her.

My question is !

We had a strong 5 years old Relationship. How Could she be so happy and do this all at once? AM I that Horrible for her after All? why do i have to pay for what she did to me?

sorry for my bad English


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  • You didn't do anything, from what you've said. Some people, especially young people need time by themselves so that they can develop and find out who they are individually.

    Its not that you did anything to her. It was simply that her entire identity was being your girlfriend. She's simply finding herself as a single person.

    You should enjoy your freedom and attempt to do the same.

    • Yaa I know , But she put the blame on me. that make little sad that how could a person do like this to some who love her.. i wonders if she is a Human.. anyway thanks

    • She sounds like the type who are unable to take responsibility for her own actions. She didn't have to date you for 5 years, if she felt suffocated that is HER Fault. She could have left you at any time, or pursued anything that she wanted to do WHILE she was dating you. My empathy to you, but you'll find someone better and more compatible :)

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, iHonestly Think She Was Already Not Into The Relationship Anymore Even While You Guys Are Dating, So Leaving & Saying All That Mean Stuff Was Easy For Her. iReally Do Think It Will Hit Her Eventually Sometime Down The Road. Just Cut All Contact & Self Heal...

    • Thnxxx man !! I already cut all contacts with her.. but sometimes she come to my mind and then i missed her soo much. my bad

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  • she loves you.

    • how can you say = ?

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    • aha okyyy.. I didn't block her number but I remove her number from my phone because some times I can't help my self so I go and watch her online Status (viber , whatsapp , etc... ) .. but some how i build my will power lol..

    • thats good

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  • That's how women are man. They blame men for all their troubles. It's clear that she imagined you were a suffocating person. Obviously you were not if you encouraged her to go out with friends and family. I know you're telling the truth because I was the same way. My girlfriend was always in the house and refused to go out. Finally, in the end, she told me how boring I was and that she hated being inside.

    I'm reading Marcus Aurelius' book, entitled "Meditations." It's a collection of, well, his thoughts. Marcus was a Roman Emperor. One of the themes in his meditations is that we shouldn't dwell on the actions, thoughts of others, but rather focus on ourselves and live as good men. I suggest you try and do this. Put the past behind you because you can not control it. All you can control is the present and what you do with yourself, not what she does.

    Interestingly enough, Marcus does not consider women on the same plane as men. I suspect this is for a reason- they are irrational and too emotional to make sound judgments.

    You don't have to listen to me man. But just look at the problem before you. Use your reason. Is it fair what she did to you? If you know you were a good man, then rest at peace. Carry on with your life.

  • She probably felt like your relationship was holding her back and now that it's over she's free.

    • Well. maybe you right but i never Hold her back.. she had her freedom.

    • Would you have been willing to travel all those places with her?

    • Believe me before she left me ( we went to Sweden for a week coz she love to be in sweden ) we stood at her aunt house, she even complain about her aunt too.

  • Hi:) It is not like the sole and exclusive reason she could be unhappy before was you. Alnd also it seems you somehow contributed positively to that, same goes with her being happy now.

  • Don't believe the bullshit females post on social media. If they were really that interesting they wouldn't be on sites like Instagram.


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