Should I ignore it? What does this all mean? Why is my guy friend acting wierd?

So I used to like this guy (a friend) and I gave him a letter telling him that I did. He said that he only liked me as friends, and did not like me in that way. (He had a lot of trouble saying the word like). About 7 months pass by and I notice that he and his brother were sitting at a table and they had a good laugh like they were laughing really hard... So days pass and I do not see him... But whenever I do he stares at me with no expression or either follows me with his eyes in an effort to even turn his head when I walked up the stairs... Once he saw me and he just happened to be walking towards me and when he saw me just hid behind the wall... Please guys what should I think of this..

We even had our school registration the moment he saw me he was full on staring at me.. And then moment my mom looked at him he turned his head away.. And then when I got finished with the registration he was still in line and I saw from his back, it seemed like he was looking for someone...
Please help guys what could this all mean?
when school started:
-he was standing with a group of friends in a circle kind of far away and we happened to be standing with our backs facing to each other. I turned around casually cause i had that feeling that someone was looking at me and i turned his way and when I saw him he already had a slight smile on his face, he kept his back turned around from his friends and kept eye contact with me. i turned away really quickly haha
what does this all mean?


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  • Tough one. either he's one weird dude or he's trying to figure out if you still have feelings for him. best solution to a problem is to face it. when he's alone confront him, be emotionless yet approachable.. either way you will get your concrete answer. :-)

    • like before all of this rejection happened his brother and friend always use to point at me and stare at me? i even heard him whisper to me that he had a little crush on me, also he even told me i was pretty in spanish. when i asked him what that word meant, he blushed and smiled looking down so... Do you think he was lying or what? (this was all before rejection)

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  • I don't think he likes you. I often stare at people I know just because I know them and there is nobody else to stare at. I don't think it means he likes you.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Seems Like Over Time He May Of Developed Feelings For You OR He May Think Your More Attractive, You Can Either Continue To Play His Game & Possibly Flirt Back Or Talk To Him About It & See Whats Going On...


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