Why does he keep bringing this up, even though he told me we were over?

So Is it wrong for me to laugh at my crush? We are not together anymore because he decided to believe random people about a rumor that was spread about me. The rumor that apparently happened was before me and my crush even met. He is very upset by it and I have no idea why.

Anyway this has been going on for literally two weeks now, and I kind of just got over it because I have done mostly anything to get my crush to believe me that I am not lying. I swore on my dads grave a millions times but he didn't believe me. I also even got him proof that this rumor was false. He still didin't believe me.

He is so messed because his ex lied to him a thousand times and so he thinks all girls lie... yeah I'm sure us girls can say the same thing about guys. But anyway I'm still not over my crush but I am over the whole rumor thing. I mean grow up.

So I haven't heard from my crush since he told me it was over between us in a text message since last week... He finally texts me last night... saying the same thing. How he doesn't believe me. But now the story about the rumor has completely changed to something else... Apparently I'm still lying to him even though I have my story straight, and the random people keep changing it... Doesn't make sense.

So then he got mad because I deleted him on Facebook because I am trying to get over him... I don't understand why is so upset about this? Nothing happened, the rumors are false. He told me to get over him because we are over, but yet he keeps bringing this up. I'm trying to move on and live my life and have fun...

what should I do? Does he keep this up because he knows I'm right? Or does he like this drama... he's 26... I think its time to get over it and grow up and actually talk to me about it and not ignore me. But instead he listens to other people, and have them decide for him on what to do.


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  • I wouldn't respond to him. I wouldn't change your number or anything of that nature. Tell him to take some time to get it out of his system before he texts you again. It's not healthy to harp on someone over some bullshit rumors. I've been in the same position before, give it some time and it'll resolve itself either way. Do not respond to his texts if he's trying to argue or make accusations.

  • After telling him to stop talking with you, change your phone number and forget him. Even if you start again when he says he's sorry, it's still a possibility for you two to live things like this again. He needs really to grow up.


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