1 week after break up.. still have a chance?

me and my fiance met 3 1/2 years ago, knowing i had kids we dated... i was a yr out of my divorce from previous marriage and was still pretty messed up... i loved her since day one and i slept with my ex wife... i made a mistake but she stayed and we were happy after we talked and everything was fine... well here recently we have been fighting alot... mostly me and accusing her of cheating because she was so distant... she suffers from bipolar depression and recently just got off her thyroid meds... and she is working a lot and she is super stressed out... i know i can make her happy but she seems to think its too late and that she feels it will nvr work... i didn't kno how bad her depression bothered her bc she never really wantd to talk about it... when things bothered her she expected me to know and figure it out... we were happy for 2 1/2 years and now all of a sudden she changes and says she doesn't feel the same way... ik she still loves me nd cares about me but do i still have a chance... please help


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  • You have to try getting past thinking you can still make her happy. She has made her decision and feels that it's too late. Now you need to back off, respect her choice and focus on yourself. She may feel she made the wrong decision one day, but not as long as you try to convince her that she should be with you. All the confrontation is what broke up the relationship. Give her space, focus on your own well-being and try to heal. I'm going through the same thing right now, and though it's tough, the healthiest thing is to self-reflect. NOT obsess over them and try to change their feelings. Either she will come back and you can consider resuming the relationship once you have a better perspective, or she won't and you'll be on the mend and eventually be okay with how things are.

    There's nothing wrong with fighting for a relationship you're really committed to, but once you've tried, it's up to her. You gave it your all, she'll see that regardless of her decision.

    • yea ik but ik it has a lot to do with her bipolar and depression... ya kno

    • how do i fight for her win i cnt see or talk to her rt now?

    • The fact that you are not the one who wants the breakup shows that you're still committed and interested in the relationship. The bipolar and depression takes the situation to a whole other level, but that's just something that she needs to handle on her own. It definitely factors in and makes things much more complicated, but even so, there's only so much you can do.
      She broke up with you, not the other way around, insinuating you still want to be with her. So she definitely knows that.

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, You Have A Chance But Do You Really Want Another One With Her? All You Can Do Is Sit Down & Talk With Her, If She Continues To Be Cold & Distant Then Back Off & Move On, If She Is Warm, Dont Get Happy Yet Cause She Might Flip Out The Next Minute, iSuggest Moving On...

    • its not that easy i have to little girls that fell in love with her and miss her... i love her and have nvr felt like this about anyone... yes i do ik she has some issues and cnt handle her disease but i want to spend my life with her

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  • When did you sleep with your ex?

    • 2 and 1/2 years ago

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    • no she is medicating but recently she has been taken off her thyroid smeds which causes more bad days than good... she sat beforei went to work offshore 9 days ago and wrote her name a bunch of times with my last name and that she loved me and was crying on me that she didn't " want to lose me and that she loved me then 2 days later "bam" all this

    • I have no medical background at all, but I would think that any change in medication would affect her others. It is a delicate balance from what I understand. She may be feeling "abandoned" if you are away for work. I know that seems irrational, but it happens.

  • All girls feel that the dude should knw what they going through and u accusing her if cheating while she is going through depression is a low blow. U can thank ur lucky stars she forgave u for what u did cos most girls wouldn't. I think she made up her mind , everything probably got too much. You needed to be there for her and you were too busy thinking about yourself (sorry for being harsh but I can somehow relate to her)

    • yea ik i just got overwhelmed by everything and i was there forher i always have been we were happy for 2 /2 years and now i rlly messed up and want/kno how to fix everything

    • I think you should tell her how u feel and apologise. Depression is not a nice thing to go through and especially alone. It's still a week... she is probably hurting a lot and want u to call or something. If you think that u can save ur relationship you should give it your best shot.

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