How to impress my ex?

We broke up a month ago and I messaged him two days ago that I missed him. Normally he doesn't reply but he replied and said me misses me as well. We spoke for a bit. Last night I messaged him saying hey and he said he was going to bed.
How do I make him want me again? He said that what happened was in the past and there's no reason for us not to talk and he doesn't hate me anymore.
Just for you to know, I didn't cheat on him.
If he misses me then why doesn't he message me first?
Does he want to just be friends or back to being together? Thanks


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Sounds Like He Isn't That Into You, If He Was He Would Initiate Contact, You can't Force A Relationship With This Guy If He Doesn't Want It, He May Be Telling You Stuff To String You Along & Keep You By His Side, iStrongly Suggest Moving On...


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  • Don't try impressing your ex go interact with other guys and meet someone else, if he wanted to get back with you he would be chasing you and probably would already have you back by now. He probably isn't all that into you anymore or may have a lot on his mine who knows. But I strongly suggest don't impress him, you don't need to try to impress a guy just to get him to like you. It sounds like he doesn't want a relationship, you can't force him and you can't force him to love you as well. Take my advice, I hope it helps you.


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  • Ok, First Off Why Would You Want To Impress Your Ex, You Would Think That You Would Want SomeOne New And Fresh. Don't Try To Impress Him, Start Where Fresh & New.


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