Why do I feel this way? (sorry it's long)

2 years ago I dated this girl (about 8th grade to freshman year) and you could say it's wasn't something serious but we had a lot in common and it worked out great but eventually we argued and sometimes we were off and on. The last time we broke up I can't even remember why but her friends hated me and convinced her I cheated on her so we ended it there (which I was never unfaithful) I kinda felt like I was in love at the time and we tried being friends during sophomore year, but it was awkward when she would see other guys. I tried to find new girls but I never felt anything the same with them no matter how much we talked and had in common. I haven't talked to this girl for almost a year now and she is completely over me it seems but I can never escape how I feel about her. Just recently she became a dancer for our school (and naturally all the guys go crazy for her now) so now every time I hear about her or see her I don't feel jealous but I feel really sad and I don't know why. Getting back together is pretty much out of the picture so I don't know how to stop feeling this way. Sorry this was so long but I hope someone reads this.


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  • Questions like this make me sad :(

    The only thing you can really do is just try to move on, (even though it seems impossible at the moment) because eventually you'll find someone who you truly love, and everything will just be a memory.


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