How to get over a crush on a friend you can't cut out of your life?

I know there are like 12 million of these questions but each is subtly different, so thanks for bearing with me. I'd like to think this crush is not my fault, both his and my friend told me to pursue him, but I get the feeling he's not interested, he maybe responds to 50% of my texts. I want to move on but I see him at least once a week and we're both in a group chat thing that I can't really leave. Now I've kind of become that awkward person who can't look him in the face and barely talks to him.. Finding a replacement guy for my feelings hasn't seemed to work out either. What are ways anyone has successfully moved on from a crush without dropping that person from your life, even temporarily?


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  • Unless you find a new interest who treats you better and takes away your attention, you can't. I'm in a similar situation, except I confessed to her and she rejected me. I still can't get over her, even when I try to cut her out of my life, but that's because there's nobody that I can shift my love and attention onto. Look for a new crush, and things should naturally slide into a more comfortable place when you find him.

  • Scientists say it takes 15-24 months of complete cut off (no contact) to erase feelings that you've had for a person. However when you interact with them again it would only intensify your feelings if you were to say "unhappy" with your current circumstances.


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