I'm so confused about my ex please help?

Me and my ex broke up in April. We were each others first loves and I think that is something we will always share together. He found a new girlfriend quite quickly although I think she was a rebound. He asked me today if I had met anyone and I said that I was talking to a guy but it was nothing serious. He then asked if he could come over and kiss me one last time before it was too late and we both moved on. I thought it was kind of strange but if a kiss gave him closure I figured it might help so I agreed to it. When he came over there was an awkward tension at the beginning, but then we kissed... It was very passionate and he said he didn't want to stop... we kissed a long time and it was very intense. He kept looking into my eyes like he used to when we were together and he wouldn't let me go. When he left he text me saying it was nice but couldn't happen again... Now i'm so confused whats going on? need advice on the situation!!


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, He Misses You, He Is Letting His Feelings Get The Best Of Him, He Has A New Girlfriend So iSuggest Moving On, Dont Let Him String You Along & Not Allow You To Be Able To Move On, Cut All Contact & Maybe Become Friends In The Future...

  • Why in the hell would you think kissing is a good idea, that sounds like the biggest line of bullshit I have heard a guy say.

    • I didn't think it was a good idea... But I don't know why he wanted to kiss me in the first place.

    • Either lead you on and fuck with you or try to start something imo.

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