Intense random thoughts about an ex?

I'd like to know if anyone has had this happen to them, particularly guys. Nearly a year ago my gf of 2 years broke up with me. It was a pretty much a clean cut, no contact after that, no ex sex nothing at all. The reason for the break up though wasn't that clear, I was told she loved me but wasn't "in love" with me, whatever that means. Anyway it took about 7 months to be able to wake up without feeling like crap but it happened and although I was still a little upset I could more or less get on with life.

However yesterday for no apparent reason my mood just went from ok to almost suicidal and thoughts started going through my head about how much I miss her, want her etc. I slowly started feeling better after that but still wasn't back to my "almost" usual self. Does anyone get such an intense feeling like that and so quickly? I've been through break ups before, I grieved then the grief stopped and got on with it, but this is different. Im guessing its because I didn't get the answer I wanted (closure) during the break up but if thats the case how do you move on when it isn't the kind of answer you can understand or the answer you need?


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  • Not having closure definitely has a negative impact. But there isn't much you can do now considering how much time has gone by unless you have the guys to talk to her about it which may be the only solution. Good luck!


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