How is life after break-up?

I consider breaking up with my boyfriend of 7 years, and we live together.
I am a bit scared, how this will develop and how it will be in the first weeks/months.
Anybody who has been through sth. similar, can you tell me your story? or give tips?


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  • Since it's been a 7-year pairing, you may feel a bit disoriented and experience urges to return to the former relationship. You identified with one guy for a spell and now it's over. I assume, however, that other elements of your life, such as your job and social circle remain intact, so it is not a restructure of your total life. It would be good if you avoid any contact and make it clear cut with the past. You have shared a hunk of your personal history with the guy and now have to travel forward until new memories and experiences eclipse the ones with old wotsizname. You might feel a bit down, but keep busy--catch up on your reading, learn a new skill, take a casual course in something, and so forth. Try to accomplish some little goal that will make you feel better about yourself and boost your self-esteem. Make new friends or reestablish old acquaintances.

    During this transitional period those pleasant memories with him will slowly seem not so pleasant. His unpleasant traits you ignored before will seem ten times worse now, and you will wonder why the heck you put up with him for so long.

    So, to summarize: The transitional blues will fade away as you reestablish yourself and keep busy with new people and new activities. You've had one life experience and now you are getting ready for another one. All this will make you wiser.


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  • Every time there was a clear break up l met someone else quite soon.

    • well that gives me hope :-)

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  • It's gonna hurt like hell for a while but time will heal


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