Do break ups always end up bad? I mean do people all talk bad about their partner after the break up?

Do break ups always end up? I mean do people all talk bad about their partner after the break up?
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I meant: Do break ups always end up bad?`*

Could someone please correct that? @girlsaskguys, @sparrow24


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  • No. My ex boyfriend was so precious to me that I talk good about him all the time. We broke up 3 weeks ago and he doesn't want me anymore :(


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What Girls Said 4

  • Sometimes, my mum talks shit about my dad all the time but he thinks they're still "good friends". I honestly think the people who were wronged will talk shit so that people know that they were wronged, while people who know they were in the wrong will try to cover it up by saying nice things (in that awkward way they always seem to do it)

  • My ex pretty much just came out and said it. He was nervous but he came over to my table and was like its to hard I can't do it and stuff which were all excuses And I asked him are you breaking up with me, and he said yes. He made me cry I tried to hold in but I couldn't, I tugged onto his arm and he just left. It hurt but I don't believe break ups end bad I mean some are worse but mine really wasn't. At least he acted like a man and just came out and said it without writing it on a sheet of paper. I've fallen out of love with him and we haven't talked for 5 month.

  • me and my man split today after 7 1/2 years together and have a 5 year old little girl together. Id say it just depends on the reason why y'all split in the first place. If someone cheated then you bet someone is going to talk shit, but if its mutual then it will be more civilized.

  • I would never say anything like that about mine. And we broke up last night. He said he loves me but can see how much pain our LDR really causes me and now I need to finish my study and move and he needs to work on himself and stop hating himself so much thinking he doesn't deserve love. It's really hard.
    But every relationship is different. If you get someone that thinks they're hard done by then they're anger and hurt will come out in all different ways... Mine? I cry and self harm. It's just how I cope.

    • I'm sorry for you reading this. :(

    • It's ok. He made me a promise today before I left that once I finish uni and move to where he is we can have another chance. So I'm ok now :) he made everything ok. I just gotta focus on my studies and my fitness and get into my dream career. I've never actually had a break up that was so easy and mature. It's unfortunate many don't get that chance.

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, All Break-Ups Dont End In A Train Wreck, Some Relationships Actually End Mutually & Both People Are Happy. It Depends On The Type Of Person Too, Some People Are Just Get Mad & Cold After A Break-Up & Talk All Kinds Of Sh! t About The Other Person For No Reason...


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