How to heal a broken heart?

well, the question above. How to heal a broken heart?

I know, we all have different ways to get over someone, to forget someone. But like any tips to really not think about them all the time and just to keep the person of my mind? I seriously don't know what to do in the moment, and just want some tips, something to how to get over this.


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  • distract yourself as much as possible. Do things that you enjoy doing but combined with other stuff. For example listen to music+take a walk or do word searches+eat ice cream+listen to music. It sounds lame but it helps get your mind off of things by finding something else to do. Get a rebound guy (or girl, I don't know which way you go). Not like sex unless you're into that but like just someone to talk to and flirt with and make you feel good about yourself. (not that you need a guy/girl to feel good about yourself but just saying) Also, improve your personal life. Work harder in school or work. Improve your relationships with other people. Break ups usually decrease self esteem and improving yourself and your relationships will help to lift it back up again. Avoid calling or texting them. If you feel the urge to, clean something, call a friend, talk to yourself, talk to your pet, listen to music, etc. Hearing their voice or seeing them reopens the wound. To avoid thinking about them altogether try your best to think of other things and remind your self constantly if necessary that it ended for a reason. Hang out with your friends or family and talk about everything other than your ex. Watch funny stuff that makes you laugh and feel happy watch interesting things like if you think documentaries are interesting, watch those to distract yourself. And when you feel hopeless over the break up, remind your self that it could be worse and there's so many things to feel happy about. Sorry this is unorganized advice but i hope you get the idea. :)


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  • Meet new people, go out with your friends, look for a new possible love of your life, ANYTHING that takes your mind off of your broken heart because only time and lots of social contact can heal a broken heart.
    Good luck and stay strong.

    • thanks for your opinion :)

  • I'm trying to do the same. Time is the only thing that heals a broken heart. Distract yourself with friends and activities. Join a gym. Just keep busy as much as possible. Little by little, you get better at it day by day

    • Thanks for your answer.
      Hope you're gonna do well :)

  • with food.
    sad music.
    a journey across a country you never thought will visit
    go back home.

  • Time is your best friend :)


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