Can we be friends after a very serious relationship? Or is he feeding me lines?

I dated my ex for two years. It was a very serious relationship, we both thought we'd get married. He even bought us a house and we lived together for almost two years. While together, he lost his twin sister unexpectedly. He shut down emotionally- understandably so. We broke up about a year after that, due to his emotional unavailability. Due to finances, I couldn't move out right away and stayed in the a seperated bedroom for a few months. Finally, about two months ago I was able to move and get all my stuff out. Ever since, he has still been calling and texting, wanting to hang out, go out, talk, do me favors... etc. I've tried to remain friendly because of the emotional trauma I know he endured. But now, just a couple months after I leave- he tells me he's dating someone. But wants to remain friends. He wants me in his life and is willing to work for a friendship. He said he has feelings for me, but not romantic ones. I'm confused. Am I being played? Should I go NC? I'm pretty much done giving him the benefit of the doubt.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, You Can Only Become Friends With Him After Your Feelings & Emotions Have Died Down, If You Feel Like Your Being Played Then iStrongly Suggest Permantley Cutting All Contact With Him & Moving On...

  • I don't do the friends route after a serious relationship, there just seems to be too many underlying issues. Now with someone I dated short-term, I think friendship can work. It depends on how bad you two really want to be involved in each others lives and if it is healthy for you.


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