I messaged my ex bf after 2 months NC but he didn't reply. Does this mean he never cared for me?

I was in a ldr with my ex for 6 months. It was the best relationship we both ever had and he was serious about moving to my country.

He hurt me really bad during our relationship and from my frustration I wounded his ego and self-esteem by pointing out his flaws. I broke up with him over the phone during an argument that had been going on for weeks. One of our issues was that he didn't like to resolve issues and always pretended things were ok by the way us so that we could be happy but I couldn't live with that.

I blocked him on Facebook after I ended it because I was travelling with my friends and I didn't want to be tempted to message him or look at his profile to try and get over the break up and enjoy my trip. He never tried to contact me after it ended. I unblocked him after those temptations were gone and emailed him a week later apologising for the abruptness of the break up and how I'd like to be on friendly terms with him rather than just leave things hanging he never replied.

I asked for my stuff that I left at his place back a month later and he replied angrily saying that I deserve nothing from him and I realised around that time that he had blocked me on fb. Even though his ex gfs cheated AND dumped him he never ignored them when they contacted him and never blocked them on fb! Yet I never cheated on him and only broke up with him. Also I don't use fb at all apart from fb messenger and even though we weren't fb friends since I had blocked and then unblocked him, my public profile is private - you can only see my display picture and nothing else, no statuses or other photos etc.

I messaged him asking how he is. I'd like things to be civil by the way us at least coz he was an important part of my life. He 'read' my message but it's been a day now and he hasn't responded.

Does this mean he doesn't give a crap about me? I feel so stupid in believing that he was different and had actually cared about me during our relationship.
I messaged my ex bf after 2 months NC but he didn't reply. Does this mean he never cared for me?
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